Event servers

the hub system is very annoying but it could enable 1 good thing!

EVENT SERVERS. devs can start an event server maybe with a passcode so when a department or business or whoever else wants to host an event they can ensure only the people who are there for the event are in the game. that way as many people as possible can actually attend the event, instead of the server being full of noobs sitting at CD or events overlapping int he same server


this is a good idea imo, it can separate people who want to just do like a shift or patrol or people who want to play the game and those who want to join for the event. although this is kinda already happening in v2 it would be good to have an interface like the hub to distinguish the different servers so people know where the event is taking place.


yes! and it will remove the problem of doc and doa having problems with event times. :smiley:


cause no matter how many times FDOA asks ppl to PLS not patrol in our servers or come to our event on teams
we still get 9000 department employees taking up all our server slots!


and then THEY complain that they can’t enter the server smfh


Support 100%!

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i wish devs actually responded to suggestions saying what they think of them
I’ve made so many suggestions for things I really think we need and I honestly put a lot of work into some of my suggestions but never hear anything about it

Aircraft cockpit comms
2 aircraft radios
More realistic fuel burn
Open heliport doors (v2)
Phone reception

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This is something I actually agree with. And to note, just because no-one replies to the suggestion threads on every single one, doesn’t mean we don’t see them, nor talk about them in the dev-chat.



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