Episode Five, the Firestone Department of Homeland Security

Welcome back to another episode of CanineEnforcement’s rants, today I’ll be discussing some of my problems with some (mainly one) of Firestone’s departments. Recently, if you haven’t heard, Agent Lidels of the Firestone Department of Homeland Security’s Crisis Response Team was suspended over allegations of causing the deaths of a hostage and other parties at the scene of a hostage situation in Stapleton County, Firestone. Whether or not these allegations stand true, is not up to me to decide and frankly I’m not going to discuss that. However, this incident has drawn a spotlight onto the Firestone Department of Homeland Security.

Let me quickly cover some of my credentials before I begin this forum. I was Governor of the State of Firestone for 8 months between January 2019 and September 2019. From there, I went on to serve on the Special Weapons & Tactics Team of the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office for some time, and then I departed to serve in the Federal Protective Service and Secret Service within the Firestone Department of Homeland Security. I served in that department for a few months before departing.

I thoroughly enjoyed most of my time in the Firestone Department of Homeland Security, I worked with some great people, and even worked under some great leaders in the Secret Service. Recently, my attention was drawn to the department and mainly it’s command, and I’ve been waiting a year or so to release a forum of this nature, so lets jump into it. The Firestone Department of Homeland Security is probably my least favorite department in the State of Firestone. To start, the departments command holds extreme biases in favor of and against many of the departments employees. In terms of administering punishments, they pick and choose who and how harshly they penalize each person. Usually, the more likable people in the department’s inner circle are treated much better and people who aren’t necessarily friends with some of the top personnel. It’s unfortunate that not everyone is treated fairly there, but it is what it is. Moving deeper into the department, I’d really like to cover the Crisis Response Team. A majority of my experiences with some of the members, were mainly negative altercations that were usually followed by negative outcomes. Beyond that, the team itself is really a clique. Members of the team often overtly harass and attack people via Discord and in-game who disagree with them and those attempt to go after their own. Besides that, I’ve witnessed members of the team break department policies, break laws, even on a felonious scale, exploit to gain an unfair advantage above criminals, commit very unnecessary murders, and much worse. The team is often left unchecked, and given practical free reign in terms of what they do. There have been times where I’ve seen department command disagree with something they do, and they gang up on command members and essentially bully them into getting what they want. It’s to the point where I can’t even view the Crisis Response Team as a reliable source for providing safety and security to the state, I view them more as an organization who aggressively and unfairly aims to outplay and belittle criminals and other law enforcement officers within the state. Realistically speaking, I wouldn’t have an issue with them being a little egotistical, but it’s to the point where they openly harass and shit-on kids in this state, and make them feel like shit human beings just for existing and “not being as good” as the members of the team. To give you perspective on how bad this is, I’ve seen people leave Firestone as a whole as a direct result of the harassment they’ve received from some of these individuals. And anytime these incidents are reported or brought up to the departments command, it’s always “we’ll take care of it” or “we’ll review the incident” and then nothing actually happens, and members of the team are allowed to continue doing whatever they’re doing wrong. In my eight months as Governor, I witnessed this team do ungodly things and act in such a disgusting manner, and I just stood by and let it happen, which was wrong on my part. Honestly, I have quite a few friends on the Crisis Response Team and in the Firestone Department of Homeland Security, and I never actually wanted to release this forum, but I’m left with no choice anymore. I’m tired of the Crisis Response Team and other members of this “sUpERIoR LaW ENfOrCeMeNt DEpArTmEnT” to run around and do whatever they want to whoever they want. My intentions aren’t to demonize the team and department, rather to share my personal experiences with them and explain my quarrel with them. If you’ve been paying attention, you’d know I’ve been practically missing in action for the past month, so it’s not like I’m writing this article in spite of something that happened recently. This is a build up of negative incidents and altercations, finally being released to the public’s eye.

I could continue to go on, but I rather not stir the pot more than I have now. At the end of the day, these are personal experiences and I don’t wish to see any legal ramifications come from the allegations I’ve raised against the department so I won’t be releasing any potential “evidence” I have. I just want to see some reform and change brought to the department. I’m sure many community members and former department employees can attest to the claims I’ve stated. And like I said, I have quite a few friends in the department and I apologize if you interpret this forum as a direct assault against your character and our friendship. I’m tired of seeing them run unchecked and being allowed to do whatever they want. I should’ve taken action as Governor, I neglected to do so, so I now call upon the current Governor to step up and do what I failed to do.


(If I know some of these people as well as I think I do, I know they’re likely going to rebut and attack my character so I’m going to come out and say it: I have done just as bad shit as the people I’ve raised allegations against, I’m no saint myself. (Minus the corruption, bias, and exploiting, I’m too pure to commit those three.))

It’s sad that it’s gotten to this point.


very interesting…

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I have officially called upon Governor B_ear to bring some form of reform to the Firestone Department of Homeland Security.


TL;DR (still a read, but shortened to the important parts) for those who didn’t bother to read the entire thing; (italics are not part of the actual quote)


One of the reasons as to why I left. Couldn’t have said it any better.




ah the calm before the storm.

i agree, i’ve had a lot negative interactions with CRT operatives. i believe there’s some superiority complex in firestone where people who are part of the most “elite” divisions think they’re a superior human being and have the right to be rude to other people because of that. it leads them to also then believe they’re invincible and not prone to punishment no matter what they say or do.


just wait till everyone is awake :slight_smile: sonething finna go down. lol. all i have to say is that mistakes happen… not everyone can live. like huh.


Also can i just say sometimes people just think they are all that sometimes for no reason. just relax there buddy. :flushed::revolving_hearts:


Pretty valid points here, essentially covers what I mentioned in the DHS audit forum post. Hopefully something changes, but I really have very little hope that anything will.


The bias shown by the Department of Homeland Security is present and will always be if change does not come, you have people working hard for spots in the department, upholding standards and representing the department in a right manner, and really fit for a promotion more than other candidates. Well, if they are not popular enough or known enough throughout the command and share a relationship with them? I guess they won’t be getting that place, or maybe if you are a girl, it’ll be easier. There’s no transparency within the Departments Command, employees and affiliates… they may be posting their division report forms and having big situations brought up to them, but if It is not known throughout the community and does not affect their personal image then nothing will be done and a blind eye will be put towards the complaint. The Department of Homeland Security is probably the most biased department that the State of Firestone have.


As SECDEF can you not employ a new system into CRT/Order an audit/Order a complete shutdown and restart of the division? @CanineEnforcement


secdef has 0 power


y’all be treating crt like sf jr :grimacing:


While I agree with some points you made, there are points here which I outright disagree with and are totally incorrect.

This is completely false. I won’t go into specifics on what exactly is going on, but he was not suspended for that. He is indefintely suspended for the time being. He knows exactly why he’s suspended, and he shouldn’t be going around telling people he’s already been suspended.

This is already being addressed, and the way we are addressing it is working. Punishments have been handed out for it.

And yet you failed to report it. We aren’t in county 24/7. We don’t see everything. So perhaps next time do us a favor and report it. Also, not sure where you got that CRT exploits, but I know for a fact that they don’t on duty. Not sure if you realize that “department issued aimbot” is a joke.

Hm and you never did that as Governor? Right. This is once again tied in with the discord stuff. It’s being dealt with.

You state this throughout your forum, yet its completely untrue. Go look at the DHS Trello if you don’t believe me. Go look at all the strikes handed out. You may not believe me, but CRT is held probably to some of the highest standards in the state.

You know Canine, I like you, and there are things here that I agree need to be addressed. I actually respect that you came out here and didn’t directly attack a single person. So thank you for that. But please, next time, do a tad bit more research. You should understand how the disciplinary system in DHS works since you were in it. Also, my DMs, as well as the rest of CRT Command’s DMs are open if you want to have a chat about stuff you’ve seen, stuff you want to report, etc.


I’ve done my research, and I was there for eight months. I was also there for an additional 4 months in DHS while I stood by and watched what went down.

Everything I did report was brushed aside and ignored, and nothing ever changed.

And if you read the bottom section of the article, you’d notice that I openly admitted to doing the exact same things, and I acknowledged my wrongdoings. I’m waiting for CRT to do the same.


That means you should then therefore understand the process before handing out a punishment.

I can assure you that this has also changed. We get reports and all are discussed between Command. Administration can even confirm it as well.

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I know how to the process works. My whole thing is, why were me and other lower members of DHS, treated differently than members of CRT? That’s the point I’m raising here. I’m speaking about my personal experiences with the Department of Homeland Security and Crisis Response Team. If things have changed, good, great, I’m necessarily speaking about everything that’s going on now. The purpose of this article was to outline my experiences.


You say that these incidents are being “handled”, and I believe you, my whole thing is, why are they still happening in the first place and what needs to change to ensure that these incidents won’t continue to happen? Policies haven’t stopped people before, why would they stop people now?

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Personally, I can see where you’re coming from, because I can see the same with a different agency. Not gonna say what it is because as CRT I can’t have an opinion without being considered toxic.

I’m gonna get a lot of heat for this, but to be honest, CRT is probably treated the worst out of every agency. if not, every department. Not by the Administration, or other agencies, but by the public. We are constantly getting shit on. Even though, we probably have the strictest activity and conduct standards in the department.

Depends on the incident. Every incident is different. Honestly, we don’t have as much conduct issues as people make us out to have, and the people who do mess up are dealt with.

Honestly, every department has the issue of people not following policies. We are fixing that with tighter rules, more strictly enforced policies and overall we’ve just been more harsh on people who mess up lately, but obviously that varies from incident to incident.

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