Emergency Public Safety Powers Act of 2018

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S. 3

Emergency Public Safety Powers Act of 2018
A bill to guarantee safety and security to citizens during a state of emergency

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Firestone in Congress Assembled,


  1. Short Title. — This Act may be cited as the “Emergency Public Safety Powers Act of 2018”.
  2. Severability. — This Act shall be severable, such that if any word, phrase, line, sentence, or provision of this Act, or the application of any of them to any person or circumstance, is held invalid, their application to other persons or circumstances, and the remainder of this Act shall not be affected thereby. Any newer law shall not supersede this Act unless that law specifically declares its intent to supersede this Act’s provisions.
  3. Effective Date. — This Act shall go into effect immediately following enactment.


  1. In General. — This bill effectively gives the Public Safety Secretary, with the consent of the Governor or solely the Governor himself; to give all law enforcement agencies the necessary power to settle chaotic periods of unrest that may unfold if there is a serious disturbance of the peace and immediate threat to members of the public & Firestone citizens.

  2. A state of emergency is defined by a breakdown in law and order, large-scale rioting or widespread and consistent and/or coordinated terrorist attacks.


  1. Once the Governor has declared a state of emergency following the provisions outlined above, then the following powers may be issued to all law enforcement agencies and security services.

  2. The police and all law enforcement agencies will have the power to arrest, detain and kill any suspects that they deem to be a threat to the public; a threat to the peace; have been put on an “Arrest/Kill on Sight list” by the Public Safety Secretary, or Governor; are members of registered terrorist organisations or rebellious militant groups; those listed as a state security threat

1. this only lasts for forty-eight hours before it has to be re-issued by the proper government entity or until the state of emergency is ended

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,


Senator iSchwenzer


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