Double Standards in Firestone Development

As of yesterday, Capital Gas has received F150s with logos. They got more development support within just a few months compared to an essential service like SCFD or FNG, which has been around for years.

In this picture, fed said FDOA has no development due to inactivity. However, they’ve made every attempt to gain popularity and recognition in county through the events such as helicopter rides, using resources from other departments which they don’t have.


There are departments out there which have never received any proper development and attention. There is a major issue if a private company takes priority over an essential public service, especially when its the only one in the state. Below is what takes priority.

  • SCFD needs more rigs. They only have two EMS units for an entire county, very little equipment, and broken rigs (They have less than a fraction of what an actual fire department has on front line apparatus…before we even get started on specialized rigs like the Rescue)
  • FNG needs actual gear
  • Coast Guard needs working boats
  • DoH needs their own team

Fed has been in county a few times. If he can see CGF from that much time, then he should see the lack of care given to many departments and how its affecting operations.


Believe it or not DoH does indeed have a team called “Health”

My personal opinion that is kinda false, thinking about it rationally those public services already have things in the game working or not they still have actual elements in the game that still function. Meanwhile businesses did not have any recognition in the firestone community till lately after Fedora implemented them. I do agree that FDOA should have things to do in the game although I’m going to have to disagree with that statement specifically.

Simplest answer fedora will give you is wait for v3. either then that he won’t really do anything the people will say to be added in V2.


Doh does have a team, can confirm, been on it before we get a scanner, bandages and oc


I believe in this time that everyone could agree that departments should be more prioritized. I am not pushing hate to any of the owners or devs. I just believe that departments should get more dev support. Take into the example, all DoBW has is a building with a door that is group locked and DOA really has nothing. It is cool and all that Capital Gas got their trucks which I am completely fine with, but It would be amazing to see some love from devs. I believe by adding a team would help out a lot and maybe later adding vehicles to DOA or boats for DoBW. I know that it not as easy as it seems but at this point, the departments have no point but just RP’s here and there. I would like any dev or owner to take this post into consideration. Yet again, I mean no hate to Quest, Capital Gas, Devs, or Owners.



Capital Gas had ZERO development support. They still were active and often seen in the county doing RP, fed recognized their activity and dedication despite no development support. They earned it. I bet if DoBW and DOA stay active in game and are recognized by the community they will get the same.


Totally agree. Fed decides to give Capital gas cars and a small power plant but DOBW and DOA can’t even get a simple truck or some dev support.


I don’t know about DOA but DoBW is very active just does not get dev support.


DOBW and DOA are also active and they still have 0 dev support.


they’re not active at all


At least they are more active than some gas business. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


just because you dont see us and we dont put out daily press releases doesnt mean we arent active
go back to murdering inmates


100% agree


dobw should get a car because they do stuff INGAME but doa does NOTHING in game other


y’all are taking this shit too personal. I understand that DoBW & DOA have been waiting for YEARS, and I know its frustrating that they’re not receiving anything, but when people start to attack Capital Gas workers for having a vehicle/dev support, thats just petty and whack.

when you start also bringing in that “LEOs need more equipment” or shit like that, you’re just being annoying. Everything everyone wants is “LEOs need more dev support”
or “criminals are overpowered” and the same bullshit every single time. I do support for every department to receive at LEAST the bare minimum (FDOT’s truck with different colour/livery) to keep the department alive.

but please, for the love of god stop fucking attacking people for something thats out of control. it would be great to finally see a FDOA team/vehicle, and a DOBW vehicle/boat, but unfortunately it might not happen.

also: people are saying shit like “oh but CGF hires criminals” as if we’re not playing a game anymore. everyone is taking them getting a vehicle too seriously.


I’m up for new suggestions, like today I hear about adding night vision goggles for ASU but I am more focused on DoBW and DOA who (like you said) have been waiting forever just for something. Also I think it was pretty cool that they got vehicles.


do you not see FDOA ride alone…


lol i think people have a right to take this personally after seeing some random gas company being prioritised over essential departments that are in desperate need of development support


i understand the reasons behind not having the helis and boats in v2 because i know damn well people would have 2 frames with 3 helis in the sky but you can also limit it. boats would also cause the same thing in mass numbers but the fact that it isnt even acknowledged is the sad part. i asked fed a few days ago if i can start up a fs airline and he said that theyre not going to have airline companies now even tho i said i would happily use my own dev and own airport and just have it be affiliated with fs.


DOBW just had a door…

Would be great if we just had a boat. That is all we are asking for. :confused:


Okay so, the whole reasoning behind Fed adding all this DoCM business stuff is because that’s really all he can do for right now because people like Envelope are on leave.

Also, stuff like Capital Gases trucks were added to enhance the roleplay within V2, I get it, departments need more stuff but without Envelope all Fed can really do is just build onto what all already exists.

And to make it clear, as someone who works at DoCM I’m not trying to ignore the fact that department development has been slow but what else is Fed supposed to do without his main scripter, nothing really, so it’s really just a situation where we have to wait.