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The FBI has not worked, and I am telling you again it won’t work. If your reasoning to keep continually trying to bring this agency back is saying that all it needs is a proper administration to work, then please do your best to enlighten me on why the past 4 administrations have failed at their duties and has had the FBI dismantled each time.

It has never been given the power it wants to uphold because the courts and congress did not and will not give the FBI the power it wants to uphold, simply because of it’s past. Leadership has been highly incompetent but that was barely even the case. There is NO reason to have another investigative agency.

IO has a long process of doing their duties, preparing for their duties, and establishing a good balance of the power of their positions. FBI has always been the runt of the liter, and has tried to get in the way of the perfectly good thing that has been here for a long time.

The FBI’s main job is to look into government officials for corruption and scandals. CGoC deals with that, and has done a good job in previous terms. Now, the opinion of them have possibly changed in the past two months or so, but I can assure you the CGoC worked amazing under OVG, and the congress before canine’s term started.

I have not agreed on anything Canine has done throughout this whole term, I’m going to be honest, but this is one thing that I can say I am leaning more to his opinion. It boils down to the administration, and not one administration could hold their duties correctly, because the FBI is useless. Let CGoC continue their duties without a judicial puppet stepping in, and keep the investigations to IO.


this is also referring to

also this plz stop repeating history


I love how you quote an old poll to make it like its a terrible idea.

Firstly, that poll had only 122 voters.

Second of all, the newest one had 367 voters and bringing back the FBI received an overwhelming amount of support. (77%)


I love how you completely miss understood why I posted that poll.

“please stop repeating history”
this has happened multiple times

read the responses, you figured I posted it because of the percentages lol


i dont get why congress keeps beating a dead horse

fbi is gone, stop messing with it. it has had several attempts and every. single. one. has failed

it’s also not like FBI is a necessity, the state has been fine without it and it doesnt need to come back


My response about the FBI
Corruption is rising every day. We need the FBI.


that’s what the CGoC is for


LOL, fbi is not getting a team this time or doing any operations in the county


Shut down every LEO department and force people to hire private security so we can have a free market Anarcho-Capitalist society


It’s like hitting a piñata at this point…

but no candy is coming out


You’re a true visionary Marshall


I don’t support the establishment of FBI if it were to concur. It has shown multiple times that it had failed. IO and CGOC has been doing extremely well. Stop trying to resurrect the FBI.


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