DMV thing

The Department of Motor Vehicles could be used in a interesting way. With this it could add a penalty for just leaving your car and DOT having to tow it. When it comes to the impound then it could be put into the DMV system by DOT and you could have to pay a fee or you get a merit system on your profile. if you have good merits maybe on gas it could coss less or in the LEO system it shows so LEOs may let you off for driving crimes like going pass a red or something. bad merit would be from if you speed a lot or are a bad driver and get a lot of things from LEOs or if your that person who just leaves there car and it would be towed. DOT puts it in the DMV system and you get a bad merit. The DMV group has been made I think so it would be cool to get a system like this or something for it.

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Cenosity for Director of the DMV


yes the director man

Before you made this post, last year I made this idea. I was thinking to make a business with the DMV idea, but I got bored and I didn’t make it.

Interesting well If this department opens you could be in it

Ok!! :slight_smile:

towing fees are going to be applied at the DOT impound and you dont get your car back unless you pay it i believe, atleast thats what i heard a while ago

ok it would be interesting if that is manged by the DMV


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I think its just going to be a automated game system so people can get their cars back without delay after paying

No. Why?

Cars left are automatically towed to DOT lots, so who does this affect?

  • Arrested criminals
  • Kidnapped people

This proposed ‘merit’ system would add another factor to the ever growing list of why you shouldn’t be criminal in firestone, and rigging it against them. No support.

your saying this adds more not to be a criminal don’t we not want criminals. we have many LEOs to stop criminals.

yea, they could come online for correcting something in the system and the could have outer stuff to do as well

Actually, we do want criminals. Im not saying illegal shits good, but lets keep it to basics. This is a cops and robbers game. Cops need robbers, robbers need cops.

what its true.

true to that but this makes it so you can be a better criminal as well

your point is get rid of criminals as much as we can no? LEOs dont have a function without criminals. so no not really

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DMV will kill firestone. stop suggesting things that are not needed, and useless.

we do not need driving abilities to be revoked/needing a examination. V3 will fail if this happens. we dont need a stupid DMV.

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we want criminals. no crime equal no fun

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may I ask when you mean “stop suggesting things that are not needed”?