Dirty Earnings Act (R)

PREAMBLE: To create a charge for the criminal code to criminalize the possession of dirty money stolen from our state’s banking institutions.


SECTION I: Chapter 4, Section 14 shall be amended into the Firestone Criminal Code.

SECTION II: The Firestone Criminal Code shall be defined as the following: https://trello.com/b/EGN3OQzQ/firestone-criminal-code-r

SECTION III: Chapter 4, Section 14 shall be named: “§14 - Possession of Dirty Money”

SECTION IV: Chapter 4, Section 14 shall state the following:

“(a) The act of possession of the dirty money shall be recognized as an unlawful criminal offense within the State of Firestone.

(b) The act of the possession of dirty money shall be the act of possessing any amount of an item that is entitled “Dirty Money” that is held within the inventory of an individual. For the purposes of this act, the legislature is specifically referring to the item added to an induvial’s inventory after the successful completion of an ATM or Bank Robbery within this game: https://www.roblox.com/games/579211007/Stapleton-County-Firestone?refPageId=dc830a1b-fd63-48ef-9e50-419f788b48c1. ”

SECTION V: Chapter 4, Section 14 shall be classed as a Class B felony and shall result in an arrest time of 500 seconds.

SECTION VI: This shall go into effect immediately upon completion of the constitutional process.

Chief Sponsor:

The Right and Honorable Lieutenant Governor, Sharkfish82

The Right and Honorable Agent, 119Chris

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