So me and my friend zy (aka terror) have collected clips of DHS being very dumb especially CRT please DHS command if you read this fix CRT! And this isnt all theirs more that I probably have not seen or dont have.


i have seen half of this already

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dont blame them u guys are annoying
death to all poop gang irl


The IO actually batoned you out fairly

at this point my man just give up, firestone showed over time its a PoliceRP game and there is nothing you can do about it. all LEOs and DHS are all in the right even if you don’t think they are. It just how the game is ment for them to just have fun and shit on others.

:man_shrugging: it is what it is

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We’ve received all of the current evidence posted in this forum. Exhibit #1 and #3 are currently pending investigation. Exhibit #2 #4 and #5 have already been reviewed and an investigation in the agent’s misconduct has already concluded, resulting in his termination.

youve done it, freedom of speech is no more

Freedom of Speech has a limitation. Including when you are on duty and representing a department. In real life there is Freedom of Speech but you can’t expect calling your boss a dickhead and not get fired can you?

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that all government departments and agencies within the State cannot take any form of disciplinary action against its members or others for exercising peaceful and respectful free speech

If your going to cite something please read it to the end

Calling people cancer is not peaceful nor respectful.


Problem solved