DannyboyLaw and Jefrafra for Firestone

Official campaign thread: DannyboyLaw and Jefrafra for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Firestone
Vote DannyboyLaw and Jefrafra, the just choice. “Equality and order through the just administration of law.”

About the Candidates:

DannyboyLaw, our Governor candidate, is an experienced member of the community, mainly specializing in law though his almost two years in government. Danny started in government as a District Court Judge appointed under Chief Court Justice AmerlcanLaw. After serving around four months faithfully executing his duties before resigning in protest of Chief Court Justice Law’s unethical practices. He proceeded to be elected into the Senate, writing numerous important bills, such as the state’s first impersonation legislation that covered law enforcement and other public services. Danny was called back to the judiciary during this time however, this time as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. On the highest court in the land, Justice Law was a strong protector of constitutional rights, and still is to this day. Danny served almost five months in his post as AJSC before retiring from the judiciary to become Attorney General following a decline in the DOJ. As Attorney General, Danny revived the DOJ and dutifully maintained justice and order. One of the most notable aspects of his tenure was his work in combating corruption and misconduct in government. Danny prosecuted members of the FSPGate plot, worked with DHS:IO and Governor Butworth in investigating and prosecuting former Superintendent Fobagosalot for his criminal acts, and finally investigated and exposed the Special Forces scandal-after which he resigned as Attorney general after four long months. Following that, Danny became the state’s second Solicitor General, returning to the Supreme Court, but in a new light. It was here Danny continued his fervent defense of the Constitution and its values. Soon after however, through the resignation of top officials, Danny found himself serving as Lieutenant Governor for a short end of term. Danny left the Governor’s mansion and returned to the DOJ as Solicitor General, and also getting a job in the Department of Homeland Security. He remains in both departments as Associate Attorney General and Captain of the Federal Protective Service, respectively."

Jefrafra began his career in Firestone as a hotshot lawyer, specifically working as an Assistant Public Defender in the Department of Justice. The first case he took one involved protecting a command member of Firestone State Patrol from being falsely convicted of negligent homicide. Soon after, then Attorney General Brotix promoted him to a Public Defender. Jefrafra took on dozens of cases and protected the constitutional right to an attorney for many citizens. Upon DannyboyLaw’s successful confirmation as Attorney General, Jefrafra was soon promoted to an Assistant Attorney General leading the Office of Public Defenders, and continuing to help citizens, officers, and other employees from any wrong-doing. Around November of 2018, Jefrafra was confirmed as a District Court Justice and left the Department of Justice. Here, he utilized his legal knowledge to consider facts and make hard decisions with the only influencers being the facts of the case and the law. Shortly after becoming a District Court Justice, DannyboyLaw made the sacrifice of his position as the Attorney General to uncover severe corruption in the government, leaving the spot open. Then Governor Butsworth nominated Jefrafra for the position of Attorney General. The Senate confirmed him, and he began his tenure where he has remained since. Under Jefrafra, the Department of Justice has the highest approval rating of any state department (per a poll conducted by the Governor which included all state departments). They have a 96 percent successful prosecution rate and has been one of the most progressive departments. In addition to being one of a select few persons to hold the position of Attorney General, Jefrafra is also an Ambassador for the Department of State. He is currently leading relations with the State of Mayflower as the lead ambassador to that project. Through all of his careers, his central motto is that "Justice should be blind to the individual, seeing to the law, and equal to all.

As lawyers, Judges, and Attorney Generals, both DannyboyLaw and Jefrafra have strong values that protect the people of this great state, they are:

  • Fairness-as officers of the court they both developed and maintain a good feeling of what is fair and just.
  • Order-law creates order in society, without it we are nothing. And without order, no human society, virtual or real, can exist in a way where everyone can express themselves and be free.
  • Freedom-be it speech, firearms, and all constitutional protections, this dynamic legal duo has sacrificed for-and served these rights. Without our constitution, which protects the people from their government, we would have tyranny.
  • Fun-sure, law and be a very “lame” field for some, and as such said people may assume these candidates are boring. But Danny and Jef are a fun, but responsible, bunch who enjoy their time in this community


Combating Corruption and Misconduct
Both candidates have served as head of the state’s Justice Department, combating corruption and misconduct along the way. Sadly, these two shames are rising as time goes on. It all truly came to a head in FSPGate, but hasn’t stopped then. Following FSPGate in severity was the SF Scandal. While there may not be incidents as huge as these recently in government (that we’ve found out about), the issue is still ever present. Just recently a law enforcement officer took a bribe to disclose private information of his own department. We can not let this stand: dirty cops, corrupt politicians, and the likes are a scourge on our government and on our state, and they should be punished harshly. If Danny and Jef are to win, they will work hard through executive orders, legislation, and vigilance to prevent and punish corruption and misconduct. Two ways to do so are quite easy: make an EO that strips corrupt officials of all certs, jobs, etc., and barring them from the executive branch; two is legislation on misconduct while in an office of public trust, where bribery would be redefined and more harshly punished, and adding new offences and measures.

Following similar to the previous topic, we have had recent issues, especially with law enforcement, with government employees being extremely ignorant to their own laws. This campaign wishes to correct that. If elected, meetings with the POST administration will become common place, and an initiative to train current staff will commence. Cross-department training to enable a healthy relationship between agencies is also important It’s sad to say, but a law enforcement officer who doesn’t know the laws he enforces is useless. Not to mention they make their own department look bad.

A transparent government is important, and this campaign is dedicated to such. We would like to try out a variety of new ideas, such as open cabinet meetings (excluding any classified material of course). We’d also like to try out forums, where citizens may come and ask questions of executive branch officials. Lastly, press releases and tid bits of small updates will be common place.

The three branches of government are separate for good reason: to check power. Nevertheless, we should all have a respectful, professional, and productive working relationship. This campaign would like to pay attention to that. Hopefully, the branches of government all want the same thing, which is to help this state in their own ways.

Balance of Duty
It can become a common dilemma among high ranking officials between serving the interests of the private citizen, and the government employee. This campaign would like to dedicate time to finding the perfect balance: ensuring the freedoms of the public while also ensuring government employees have the resources and powers necessary to do their jobs.

Criminal Organization
Recently, gangs have become a fairly large issue in the state. This campaign is willing to dedicate legal, law enforcement, and legislative effort to combat these gangs. One such plan to do so is a Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) act, which would provide harsh penalties for members of gangs, and give law enforcement further, but reasonable, powers to combat them. As Attorney Generals, the candidates are also educated in legal matters, and the Department of Justice, and will use the DOJ’s influence and authority, combined with the intelligence of DHS, to stomp out these gangs.

Criminal Justice Reform
Despite their background, both candidates oft his campaign support changes to our criminal justice system. First and foremost: criminal offences need to be codified. Many have tried, and they have all given up. This administration will not falter in getting the job done. A detailed criminal code benefits law enforcement and the citizens. This campaign applauds the recently passed criminal rehabilitation bill, and will work to enforcing it.

The Executive Departments
Note: departments listed here are points of special interest. If one is not listed, the campaign feels they are operating fine and need no help. Furthermore, the campaign has no plans to change out or replace any current department heads.

Peace Officer Standards and Training
POST has been working well recently to improve themselves, and we support such. However, we would like to give them a role in training not just future officers, but current ones. We feel legal education is important, and would be well suited under POST.

Department of Commerce
DoCM is a small department that most people don’t pay much mind to. However, with the rise of developer aid for v2, and plans for v3, we’d like to procure a good working relationship with out hardworking developers, and get aid in establishing a better business community and better DoCM.

The National Guard
The NG is one of the last lines of defense for this state, and is important as such. However, they’re mostly seen as background characters per say, and as potential Commander-in-Chief, DannyboyLaw would like to fix that. He’d also like to work with them on state security (along with DHS).

Thank you for taking the time to read this speech, we ask you to make the just choice, and Vote Danny and Jef!


I’m pretty much gonna support. (I might, vote for you I have to see the rest.)


i dont even have to fuckin read

10/10 support

first lgbt governor!!!




(A picture of DannyboyLaw’s statue at the v3 courthouse, holding a sword and scale in its hands-a representation of justice itself)


I support








what about the blindfold


Is this even a question?

Full support.

SPT Skye Jones
princess skye!!#9640


Personally I feel like sometimes its a good idea to cycle in new heads into departments. While yes the departments may be running fine, it definitely could be better. I feel as though for a couple departments we have had the heads in them for 2+ terms and they have kind of ran dry. Not to say they are terrible leaders but new heads means new ideals.

Nonetheless you two are absolutely amazing and your intelligence of the state, its laws and process is just what I expect if not more than I expect from a Governor and Lieutenant Governor.



I would like to ask one question, and I don’t expect you two to respond instantly.

How are you going to help the judicial branch get more judges?


Ohh, that is a good question.


It is my understanding that congress is already in the process of implementing “law education classes” as part of felon recovery (or officer misconduct). Upon the creation of such classes, I expect the Department of Justice to offer public classes teaching law. This experience will likely attract more people to pass the bar exam and become attorneys, which theoretically should increase the interest in becoming a judge.

Furthermore, I believe judges will be getting paid for their duties in v3, incentive becoming a judge if- for nothing else- the money. Though I don’t wish to have a judiciary solely in it for the money, a balance of legal experience, legitimate concern for the state, and monetary achievement should lead to a larger judiciary.


Support, but I have a piece of input.

As a sergeant in FNG, I see why we are seen as background charachters.

Because we need to be.

Lots of stuff we do should remain where it is in FNG. They shouldnt be seeing 70% of the stuff we do.

Most of the stuff we deal with probably has a good chance of dealing with state security, thats why we aren’t heard about super often.

But, like I said, still support.


Interesting take! I appreciate the interest and do look forward to maximizing what we can do with FNG (even if that includes them working in the background). Obviously, we don’t want to see military vehicles patrolling Redwood all the time, but FNG has a lot of potential that may not be kinetically utilized.




owo elaborate


Full support,

Representative & Arborfield Deputy Mayor,