Dangerzone1111 & L6vesome For Governorship


dangerzone1111 and l6vesome for Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Leading Firestone Forward

Campaign Discord: DANGER & L6 FOR GOVERNOR


Governor Candidate dangerzone1111
Governor Candidate dangerzone1111 has been a member of the State of Firestone since May of 2018. During his time as a resident, dangerzone1111 has had the unique opportunity to develop experience in many different fields within the State. Dangerzone1111 has an extensive history within Stapleton County, serving in its legislature, as a Mayor in one of its districts, and being elected as its Executive two times. Overall, he has just short of two years and eight months of straight service within the County. He has also served in Congress as a state representative. Danger is also a certified LEO, and is a former member of the Department of Homeland Security, serving within the Secret Service and Federal Protective Service as a k9 officer for around two years. Presently, he serves as a Captain/Squad Leader within the Firestone National Guards 16th Combat Aviation Battalion.

Dangerzone1111 has partaken in a wide variety of endeavors while apart of the State of Firestone. He deployed to the State of New York on two separate occasions as a Military Police officer, and more recently, he defended the State of Firestone from an unprovoked invasion by the State of Ridgeway. During his time in the County, he has investigated numerous scandals, wrote an entirely new County Charter from scratch, and has had the opportunity of learning from numerous former County Executives, the majority of which have served the State as its Governor. During this term, Danger worked diligently as the County Executive to protect the County and its interests. At the start of the States war with Ridgeway, he immediately declared a County Emergency and deployed SWAT assets to assist National Guard and Law Enforcement personnel. Throughout the term, he has also worked with Governor SveetChloe on numerous issues, including the restructure of the BREC and in the selection of a new Department of Boating and Waterways Secretary, and is in the process of negotiating legislative changes at the State level to give the County Government more autonomy over its operations. Danger is further currently working on establishing monumental business contracts at the County level, and is in the process of planning the establishment of a Chamber of Commerce to oversee business relations, to seek out and establish business contracts, and potentially, to assist businesses finances through the issuing of Grants. He is also working to present an Act to formally establish Interim Authority within the County, in the event the Office of the County Executive becomes vacant.

Former and Current Notable Positions:

  • Current County Executive

  • Current Firestone National Guard Captain

  • Former County Chairman

  • Former County Councilman

  • Former Deputy Mayor to the District of Prominence

  • Former House Representative

  • Former Department of Homeland Security Secret Service Agent

  • Former Department of Homeland Security Federal Protective Service K9 Officer

  • Former Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Deputy

  • Former Department of Corrections Correctional Officer

Awards and Achievements

  • POST Certified

  • Firefighter/EMT-B Certified

  • County Executive’s Performance Award – CE Jackfruitism

Lieutenant Governor Candidate l6vesome
Lt. Gov Candidate l6vesome has been in the State of Firestone since January of 2018. He has explored numerous different departments throughout his time within the state, both in law enforcement and out. He has served the state for almost two consecutive years and is very familiar with how the departments within the State of Firestone operate and run. During his time as a County Councilman, he and his fellow Councilpeople helped restore the county from its state of inactivity. During his time as Chief of Staff under Mayor DonxId, he oversaw his administration and ensured everything was running smoothly. He ensured that there was transparency within the office, and reported directly to the Mayor on any issues that arose. During the war against the State of Ridgeway, l6vesome met with the Governor and the administrations from other municipal governments to create a plan to secure safety for the residents not only within Redwood, but also other neighboring municipal districts. He is more than prepared to take on the position of Lieutenant Governor and serve the State of Firestone nobly. L6vesome has also served alongside former County Executive Jackfruitism, taking advantage of the opportunity to learn from a former Mayor, County Executive, and prominent Congressman.

If there were two words to describe l6vesome’s career, it would be public service. L6vesome has a plethora of experience in state security and public service, having served almost a year in both the National Guard and the Department of Homeland Security. L6vesome served during the Ridgeway and New York Deployments, deploying both in and out of state. He further served honorably during the State of Ridgeways invasion of Firestone, deploying to protect its interests both in state and abroad. He is extremely knowledgeable on how departments similar to these operate, and is evidently committed to the State of Firestone’s citizens.

Former and Current Notable Positions:

  • Current Firestone National Guard First Lieutenant

  • Current Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Operative

  • Current Firestone Department of Corrections SERT Specialist

  • Current Peace Officer Standards & Training Instructor

  • Current Chief of Staff of the City of Redwood

  • Former Department of Homeland Security Crisis Response Team Agent

  • Former Firestone State Patrol Trooper

  • Former Firestone Department of Corrections Senior Correctional Officer

  • Former Prominence District Police Officer

  • Former Department of Public Works Public Employee

  • Former Stapleton County Councilman

Awards and achievements:

  • POST Legion Award

  • FDOC Officer of the Month Award


Governor Candidate dangerzone1111 and Lt. Governor Candidate l6vesome have developed a wide agenda for which they will enact to better the state of Firestone.

  • Bettering the relationship between the County and State Governments – County Executive Danger and Chief of Staff L6vesome know all too well the struggle the Inferior governments face when trying to work with the State government. Many times, attempts to communicate with the State about certain issues and about opportunity for the Inferior Governments to grow falls on deaf ears, with empty promises becoming unfulfilled come election season. For this reason, Danger and L6vesome pride themselves on the notion that effective communication must be established between the State and the Inferior governments, that meaningful changes are in order to allow the Inferior governments to be more independent, and they vow to work with next terms County administration to accomplish this goal.

  • Business Relations Through Contracts – Every single politician that runs for office promises to better business relations; and then takes no meaningful action to accomplish it. Danger and L6vesome hope to end this empty promise by seeking out official government contracts with the varying prominent businesses within the state.

  • Transparency Through Expansion of the Press Corps – Danger and L6vesome hope to improve government transparency by expanding the Press Corps to include more positions, and to fill those positions with active individuals whom the Candidates have worked directly with previously. The Candidates also hope to open internship opportunities for individuals new to politics and media – to allow them to gain the necessary experience to move onto further political or media related positions in the future.

  • Addressing Concerns Surrounding POST – The Candidates, as law enforcement officers themselves, understand the need to fill our departments with properly trained competent law enforcement personnel. The Candidates see and recognize the many concerns and displeasure being raised by prominent members of the Law Enforcement Community. The Candidates hope to personally interact with complainants to gather information and compile concerns, to properly approach the POST academy with meaningful suggestions that allow A Proper Way Forward to be implemented.

In addition to the above listed agenda, the Candidates are also deeply committed to national security. When Ridgeway declared its unjust war on Firestone, County Executive dangerzone1111 was quick to declare a County Emergency and deploy SWAT assets to protect our citizens and support our partner agencies. He also indefinitely enacted Mutual Aid, allowing municipal police departments to provide much needed support to one-another. In addition, both Dangerzone1111 and L6vesome deployed alongside the rest of the national guard to personally defend the State and its interests against foreign invasion, both on its homeland and abroad within the State of Ridgeway.

The Candidates further wish to improve the States relations with its closest allies, through the establishment of potential embassies and through the signing of support treaties, allowing Firestone and its neighbors the resources to support one-another during times of crisis.


In conclusion, the Candidates before you are long time members of the community. They are experienced both politically, and in the operations of the executive departments, and have both been developed by prominent political figures in the state. They have outlined an achievable agenda which will bring about tangible change, and swear to accomplish it.

Feel free to reach out to the Candidates with any questions, their contact info linked below.

dangerzone1111 – danger4826
Governor Candidate
County Executive

l6vesome – L6vesome
Lt. Governor Candidate
Redwood Chief of Staff

Official campaign discord server: DANGER & L6 FOR GOVERNOR*






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respectfully we went through 4 months of a lieutenant governor with no legislative leadership experience and it was horrible. nothing against jade but it just didn’t go well and it’s not compatible, you can learn, but it will take your entire term to learn it. we really need to stop propelling people into positions in which they are not aware of their job. l6vesome is a great friend of mine but it’s just not fair to subject people to people’s ambitious learning experience at the expense of the functionality of the superior legislative chamber


@l6vesome do you have any legislative experience, at any level?


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Can we stop these extremely unqualified tickets for Gov, it turns the election into a troll and gives someone good odds at messing up 4 months of fs


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