County Executive Elections of January 2020

General Information

Position: County Executive
Positions Available: 1
Election Sponsor: Governor Sharkfish82

Your Forum

You must collect a minimum of ten (10) signatures on a support forum. The support forum cannot have been made prior to 01/17/2020.

Election Rules

⇒ Can only post one speech, and you may not “bump” your threads.

⇒ Slander will result in disqualification.

⇒ You can have another job during the election period, but must resign if you win the seat.

⇒ Any Twitter posts hinting as a campaign tweet will NOT hinder or disqualify any candidate.

⇒ You must post ONLY a link to your speech once you reach ten (10) signatures.

⇒ Any other rules specified by any law are applied here, including election laws
⇒ More election rules can be found here 5.


⇒ Campaigning begins: 01/17/2020 at 11:25 PM CST
⇒ Voting begins: 01/25/2020 at 8 PM CST
⇒ Voting ends & campaigning ends 01/27/2020 at 8 PM CST
⇒ Winner will be announced at 9:00 PM Central Standard Time, 01/27/2020

Message from the Election Sponsor to all candidates

For those of you who are running, please make sure you have the proper time and willingness to be County Executive. Don’t run just for memes or to add a position onto your resume. When you’ve accumulated ten (10) supports on your forum, comment the link down below and state that you’ve reached 10 supports.

Governor of the State of Firestone


I have received the 10 supports necessary to be on the ballot.


Is this legal? Shark is no longer Governor thus he doesn’t have the power to host elections. :man_shrugging:

The Speaker of the house ran into the same problem:


I believe this would be considered an illegal election, thus should be restarted with Gov. Ash being the election sponsor.


Legally it only states the Governor holds the election, not by names so it’s not illegal.