Elite_Creations for County Executive of Stapleton County

Elite_Creations for County Executive


I. Introduction

II. Candidate Information

III. Stapleton County Executive Branch

IV. Stapleton County Legislative Branch

V. Stapleton County Departments

VI. Firestone Executive Branch

VII. Firestone Legislative Branch

VIII. Municipal Governments

IX. Remarks

SECTION I. - Introduction

The Stapleton County has been doing exceptional in the last term. Serving as the Stapleton County Chairman, I have seen that it has been doing quite well, and should continue to do such. However, like all things, there are places for improvement. Previously, it has been an issue to elect a County Executive who will remain in office and maintain the trust of the public. I have served the County Government for 4 terms, and have remained in office for the majority, if not all of the term. With the experience I have, I can assure that the citizens will not be disappointed and their standards will be met to the best of my ability. Therefore, I, Elite_Creations, hereby declare my candidacy for the office of the County Executive.

SECTION II. - Candidate Information

The position of County Executive is a position of high value. Therefore, it is

  • Current Senior Operative for the Special Weapons and Tactics

  • Current Corporal for the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office

  • Current Game Moderator for State of Firestone

  • Current County Chairman

  • Former County Chief of Staff

  • Former County Councilman (x2)

  • Former Tactical Sergeant for the Special Weapons and Tactics

  • Former Sergeant for the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office

  • Former Deputy Secretary of Transportation

  • Former FSP Trooper

SECTION III. - Stapleton County Executive Branch

The Stapleton County Executive branch has been functioning well, and I wish for it to continue to function well. Being one of the most important branches within the county, it is imperative that it is kept running at a high standard. With this said, I do intend on keeping it at a high standard. While it did run smoothly last term, there is always room for improvement.

One of the most important things in a government, I believe, is remaining transparent with the citizens. As the government serves the citizens, it is imperative that the citizens are not kept in the dark with matters pertaining to the government. In order to increase transparency, I intend on having consistent bi-weekly cabinet meetings, which will be public. Every 2 weeks, the county cabinet will meet and discuss what they have done in the past 2 weeks, what they want to do in the future, and any matters that should be discussed. Furthermore, I intend on ensuring that a report is submitted that can be viewed by the public weekly.

Engagement from the citizens is also crucial in running a successful government. Therefore, as it has been done in the past, I intend on doing monthly polls. These polls will consist of the thoughts on each aspect of the government (branches, department heads, departments, etc). This will be similar, if not identical to the ones I have done as the County Chairman. Furthermore, I intend on doing monthly reports for the executive branch, as I have done as the County Chairman. Finally, I intend on also doing QNAs as well, as this allows Citizens to directly ask questions and possibly give their opinion on the County Government.

It is imperative that the County Executive does not take direct action within a department frequently. I do not intend on taking direct action without consulting the department heads (unless it is an extreme situation), as it has spelled disaster for the reputation of the county. Should there be a need for direct action, an intense investigation will be conducted to determine the best punishment.

In conclusion, I intend on continuing the progress within the Stapleton County Executive Branch. Citizen criticism will drive my office, and will be used to further improve my office and the entire Stapleton County Government.

SECTION IV. - Stapleton County Legislative Branch

The Stapleton County Legislative Branch is another crucial branch within the Stapleton County Government. I intend on nominating an individual who the Citizens approve, and who has excellent worth ethic for the position of the County Chairperson. This will be dictated through a poll, as citizen input is crucial.

I intend on working with the County Chairperson to make legislation. As it is their job to make legislation, I do not intend on creating much legislation, rather, working alongside them to make legislation. As the current County Chairman, I have done a lot of progress within the branch. I intend on nominating an individual who will continue such progress and do progress the branch even further.

Working with the Firestone State Legislature, I intend on pushing for a reform within the traffic laws. This reform will allow the county and municipal governments manage the citation amounts, parking regulations, and also allow the respective governments make new traffic law that they require. This will definitely take some time, however, it will give the county and municipal governments more of a purpose.

County courts is a topic that is put up for much debate. As we do lack justices within the Firestone State Judicial Branch, it will be hard to establish such. As of now, I do not have a set opinion on this. However, should the Citizens desire, I do intend on working with the State Legislature to push for county courts. County courts, should it be established, would most likely be used to fight any traffic citations in court.

SECTION V. - Stapleton County Departments

Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office

The Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office has been running exceptionally, and I do not intend on hindering its operations. I wish to increase the communication between the Department of Public Safety and the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office, and ensure that both can successfully relay the issues to the SCSO to further improve their department.

Stapleton County Fire Department

With the recent changes imposed on the Stapleton County Fire Department, I believe it has been running well. I do intend on further ensuring the competency of the department with close communications between the Department of Public Safety and the Stapleton County Fire Department. With the recent events unfolding between the Department of Health and the Stapleton County Fire Department, I also wish to ensure that the commands of those respective departments are communicating with each other in a non-hostile and beneficial way.

District Attorney’s Office

The District Attorney’s Office is an important component of the Executive Branch. Being an office that handles most legal matters within the County Government. I intend on closely working with the District Attorney into properly establishing their office. I wish to also work with the Attorney General to allow the District Attorney to prosecute State laws on behalf of the employees of the Sheriff’s Office and the Fire Department. I believe this will be beneficial for the employees of the respective departments. Furthermore, I wish to work with the District Attorney to ensure the services are well known among the county employees.

Press Secretary’s Office

The Press Secretary’s Office has been lacking during the previous term. I do believe that this office should be restored. Communication and transparency will drive my term, and I believe this office is a crucial component to ensure such. I intend on ensuring that a press release is released weekly. Press releases will contain the department reports and anything that has happened within the county government for the week. I intend on working with the Press Secretary to hire more individuals to reach this goal.

SECTION VI. - Firestone Executive Branch

Communication between the Stapleton County Executive Branch and the Firestone Executive Branch should be frequent. I intend on having a meeting monthly with the Governor of the State of Firestone to discuss any issues present within the Stapleton County Government. The input from the Governor will also be used to improve the departments under the Stapleton County. Furthermore, I intend on discussing any requests the Stapleton County Government has for the Governor, to further assist the government. A press release will be released covering exactly what was discussed, with the exception of classified information. This will further ensure transparency.

SECTION VII. - Firestone Legislative Branch

The County Affairs Committee is a committee that allows the Stapleton County Government directly communicate with the State of Firestone Congress. I intend on attending most, if not all meetings. These meetings will allow me a chance to allow the Stapleton County Government more of a chance to relay their suggestions to the State of Firestone to assist us in our operations. To ensure transparency, a press release will be released to outline what has been discussed.

SECTION VIII. - Municipal Governments

With the traffic code reforms, I firmly believe that they can be given a purpose and no longer be considered useless. I intend on further supporting the municipal governments. Furthermore, I intend on hosting joint-government meetings every month, consisting of the municipal governments, state government, and the county government. This will allow each government a chance to relay their concerns, and exactly what is going on within their respective governments. As usual, press releases will be released that will outline what was discussed.

SECTION IX. - Remarks

The position of County Executive is a position of extraordinary value. It is imperative that an individual who has the proper dedication and experience is placed into such a position. With the extensive plans listed out above, the Stapleton County Government can run exceptionally. By electing me into the position of County Executive, one can ensure a more progressive government. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave them below or contact me on discord (Elite_Creations#5454). Let’s progress this county, together.

Thank you.



Supported and ENDORSED BY ME,

Elite_Creations, the man who is like a brother to me. He taught me how to be a legislator, how to write bills, understand them, etc. Not only is he "overqualified", he is an EXCELLENT rolemodel for this county.

All the best wishes, and definite support no matter the turn.

Former County Executive,


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Elite is the most qualified person I know. He has more than potential for the County Government.

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