Cops stop believing whatever CFL says to u

i literally hate cfls because if they tell a cop like someone VA them literally without any proof they go ahead and arrest you. also gay


as a leo and a cfl this is unfortunate, and can happen, but if this does happen to you without any proof you can challenge it in court. i would just detain you and if there’s no proof and/or witness statements then i would release. i recommend you record at all times as a citizen.

i recommend recording at all times period


whenever im in fs when i make contact with someone named 69superman, i always record because he is very very mean and abusive!!


you are in no right place to speak, as you are a rude and disrespectful cop


well im not trying to go to court in roblox

just record

if you aren’t, this issue will still persist



my mangoes are my witness!!

lies!! im boutta be on duty rn pop out scso

I didn’t record my patrols and never will :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

this is honestly a big problem lol, if I see a CFL that constantly abuses his gun, I WILL take his ID either through another LEO, or other ways such as them showing name or giving id. It’s honestly sad how desperate CFls are now a days, always wanting to shoot something no matter what, always threatening people with guns which is illegal. demanding someone to exit their vehicle with LETHAL WEAPONS DRAWN as a CIVILIAN isn’t allowed but it is still

here is an example. if I were the officer in this case, I would’ve arrested the CFL as the man is. The crimes this man committed are

Negligent Misuse of a Firearm - Utilizing a firearm in a manner that is inherently reckless, as a result of gross negligence as to the proper and lawful utilization of a firearm

Unlawfully Brandishing a Firearm - Displaying one’s firearm, in an attempt to threaten or intimidate another person, or as a result of negligence in the proper or lawful handling of firearms- without proper justification to do so.


hey, do you know what happened to him? did the courts investigate that or something because im genuinely curious, and they should

was he hit by the vehicle? because it can be argued that he was defending himself if he was.

but… he has a warrant for it now…

This is unfortunate. Dont care, but unfortunate

The above is a Joke

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Then you don’t really get the right to bitch if you won’t take the easy solution to the problem.

Please get me the name of the CFL holder

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Also, general note from me, FFC man:
You can report misuse of CFLs to me or any member of the FFC! We’re generally pretty quick at coming to a decision on revocation motions.

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