CoolPilotCaio1 & Wolf_RBX - ”Constructing the future”

CoolPilotCaio1 for Governor & Wolf_RBX for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone

”Constructing the future”

Candidate Overview

Gubernatorial Candidate CoolPilotCaio1

Hello people of Firestone, I am CoolPilotCaio1. If you do not know me, I am currently the Speaker of the House and have proposed numerous pieces of legislation to help departments, the people, businesses, and the state. I have been in Firestone for over two years and have been in many positions proving that I am here to assist the state to grow and help the people. Below is a list of my most notable positions. For a full list of all my positions and legislation, you can find my office here;

  • Speaker of the House x2
  • Assistant Attorney General, Chief Public Defender
  • Former President pro tempore of the Senate
  • Former DOT Operations Manager and Training Division Deputy Director
  • Former trooper and deputy
  • Former County Affairs Committee member
  • Former County Representation Board Redwood Delegate
  • Former Redwood and Arborfield Deputy Mayor

As seen from my experience, I have been in almost all fields of work within the State. From being a public employee to the Speaker of the House, I have always tried to make a difference and help the people. Furthermore, the laws I have produced have been shown to impact all people in a positive way. Some examples include the Private Businesses Traffic Direction Act ®, Self Defense Extension Act ®, or An Act to Establish Impersonation of a Business Employee ®. You can contact me at any time over Discord at CoolPilotCaio1#3424 for any questions or if you ever need help. Thank you for reading about me and hope to see you voting for the future.

Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidate Wolf_RBX

Hey there! Most of you will know me as being your friendly local Attorney General (or not so friendly if I’ve caught you on the wrong side of the law, but I do have a job to do). From that you may know about how I revived the Criminal Rehabilitation Program, worked to bring back the Prominence College of Law (to some success), and have written several pieces of legislation from promoting Civilian Firearms Certification Trainings, amending regulations on the aforementioned Criminal Rehab Program, to regulating our classified documentation. In my time as the Attorney General, I have also sponsored key legislation to protect our Law Enforcement, and improve our Judiciary. Now what you may not know is that this isn’t my first rodeo in the cabinet - I’ve previously served as the Warden of the Firestone Department of Corrections, and as Secretary of State, making this my third time - clearly I am a competent, qualified individual.

And now I am here, to continue my journey with this great State, and continue putting transparency, accountability, and the public first as I do it.

Much like my great friend Cool, I am willing to answer any questions that you may have on your mind - just shoot me a DM (._.#1843) or tag me below.

Policies & Goals for Firestone

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch, one of the most vital branches within the State of Firestone must be held up strongly. A crucial part of making this branch run well is the department cabinet members, and transparency with the people. At all times we will ensure that the members of the cabinet are running their respective departments strongly with the highest standards set in place. If there are inconsistencies, our administration will not hesitate to take action. We will always be here to address concerns and take action right away. We will also expect bi-weekly cabinet reports to always know everything happening within our departments without having to micromanage. Transparency is vital to success, no matter the branch. We will ensure there is transparency between the administration and the public, and bi-weekly press statements coming from the Press Office. Along with that, we will host open offices every month to hear the people’s voices.

There are restrictions placed on the Department of Health by the founder that we plan on addressing, and hopefully, by working closely with both the Department of Health and the Fire Department, we’ll be able to resolve tensions and come to a solution. We also hope to work alongside the secretary to ensure that the Healthcare Reformation Act passes, and assist with implementation once it does.

The Department of Commerce has been doing a great job managing businesses, we aim to work with the department to help approve and encourage businesses to be made. We also aim to make contracts with small and large businesses to encourage state roleplay. We also aim to work with the Senate to approve businesses to be exempt from traffic laws on the property or to work on their own like the Department of Public Works or the Department of Transportation.

Recently, there have been concerns regarding the Firestone State Patrol’s activity and the Department of Public Safety’s operations. We plan on reviewing each department upon entering office and upon reaching conclusion, implementing effective solutions to the issues these departments face, however tough they need to be. Alongside that, we plan on meeting with both the Firestone Air National Guard and the State Patrol’s Air Support Unit to constructively resolve conflicts between the two.

Finally, in the event that we are elected, a new Attorney General will be required. This administration will see to it that a competent, active individual with the necessary qualifications and dedication for the job will be nominated, working alongside us to achieve our goals in regards to the Judiciary.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is another important aspect of the State, creating the crucial laws that we run on. We will always comply and work with congress to pass laws that truly matter to departments and the people. Recently, our Senate has seen extended periods of inactivity, which just shouldn’t be happening. Should Attorney General Wolf_RBX become the President of the Senate, we will attempt to raise the Senate’s activity with in-game sessions replacing the currently growing number of discord sessions, which, whilst they are a great alternative, don’t allow for the same debate as we may have in-game. We also aim to form a productive relationship with the new Speaker of the House, whomever it may be, so that the House of Representatives can run smoothly, ensuring that the legislative needs of the State are well met.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is improving, and we aim to give it the extra push needed to keep that going. With the new expungement system, expungements are being processed faster than ever. When it comes to the Judicial Mentorship Program, we aim to work with Chief Justice kerbal to appoint new Judges to help where things are slower in terms of Civil and Criminal cases, and we’ll be looking at ways to get the cogs turning again in the Supreme Court.

County Government

Under the current County Executive, the county has been running smoothly. We plan to form a good working relationship with the future and current county executives and hope to be able to work on events, bills, departments, and more with them. Should there be a need for assistance, we will always be there for them ready to assist.


In conclusion, we hope that we gain your support throughout this election and (hopefully) our tenure. We believe we have shown that we actually implement change, not just say we will, and will continue to do so. We will always work for the people and can assure everyone that we’ll achieve what we’ve set out to achieve today.

Important Links

Campaign Discord invite: CoolPilotCaio1 & Wolf_RBX for Governor

You can join our Discord and ask questions whenever you desire under the #questions-and-answers channel. Further, you can address concerns or send suggestions.


/s/ CoolPilotCaio1

Speaker of the House CoolPilotCaio1, Esq.

/s/ Wolf_RBX

Attorney General Wolf_RBX, Esq.


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Secretary of Public Safety


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