CongressionalDefend for Redwood City Council


I’m CongressionalDefend and I’m officially declaring my candidacy for the City Council Election. As a former City Councilman I’ve served on a large scale supporting the Citizens of Firestone on different legislative matters and I’m looking to go back to doing so in our City Council. For too long, politicians have had underlying motives for running for office and my motives are to be deceitful to the Citizens of Firestone. The goal for any public service individual should be to better the experience for their constituents and I’m here to do just that.

I’ve the experience and certification to enforce the rules and guidelines and professional standards. And be ultimately a voice for the Citizens of the State of Firestone my platform is to make change and make a different not bring false promises and manipulate the Citizens for a vote and do absolute nothing in office.

If elected I’ll exceed all the citizens expectations and perform my duties effectively and establish communication relations with the citizens of the State of Firestone and speak in the best interest of all individuals that hold residence.



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I, Arbor Chairman quackerboss, support CongressionalDefend for Redwood City Council.

How? What are your plans?

My plans is to do community outreach programs, present legislation, and bill ideas within the city sessions. And speak in the best interest of the Citizens when we have sessions, If I was able to do this before when I served a term in the Municipal Government I can do it again.

Did not answer my question, how do you plan to do community outreach programs? What plans do you have for bills in redwood?


kinda cringe




No support.

Speaker of the House

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No support

erm… wouldnt that be me… the press secretary…?




How exactly will you ‘exceed’ expectations; especially when your goals (at least the way you’ve portrayed them) seem very vague?

still have no idea who are you

No support.