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guarantee not one person is going to care in a couple of weeks, he will still be DOCM secretary and everyone will forget about it. yeah, it is a bit dodgy the way things were done but it’s not that big of a deal. if silver ends up being useless then pressure kam to get rid of him or propose an impeachment, probably not big enough for doj to want to do anything. I also want to point out that the question pertaining to “relevant experience” is a bad idea, that is subjective. would allow congress to gatekeep cabinet positions by redefining “relevant experience”

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he already resigned sir


The relevant experience question is really just to gauge something many believe is a basic requirement, you shouldn’t be nominating someone who has never been in the department or any related department in FS or other groups.

However, I do agree legislating experience is not good because there are extreme situations where that can definitely be circumvented, and may actually be beneficial. In this situation, it is just one of the many reasons others disagree.

You wouldn’t want your department (and DOCM very much did not) to be run by someone who was “free-ranked”. But yes, change was effected, the person resigned, the Lieutenant Governor apologized for his poor choices, and the appropriate and qualified candidate was nominated and confirmed.

If that does not go to show the importance of accountability, I don’t know what does.


corruption is corruption guy