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So, since Env decided to lock my previous post for unknown reasons - the discussion was not over yet and I did not request it. I will be continuing my rant here. Specifically. I am going to go over Env’s response in general announcements, I will be putting it here for ease of use:

Good evening. This is a general reminder about the Forums. The forums have a terms of service which can be referenced here: https://forums.stateoffirestone.com/tos. Posts that are removed from the forums are removed for a reason, to which, as always, you can ask us why it was removed. We will answer it, if it wasn’t obvious enough. When a post is removed, it should be obvious that it wasn’t allowed and should not be reposted. As a courtesy, we have removed reposts without repercussions (except for a singular person). Generally we allow most of the Firestone discussions to happen on the Service. However, defamation of other community members, including the administration and developers, will never be tolerated. The Service is intended for a civil discussion in a respectful manner, WITHOUT attempting to slander, libel, or defame other individuals. Please attempt your best to be as respectful as possible on the forums. It is there for your use and everybody’s use, we don’t want to see toxicity on there. Jef was removed for a very obvious reason that I don’t understand why he keeps being brought up. We do not tolerate toxicity and and general harassment in this community. When a community member is removed, he is removed for a good reason. Unfortunately, we are a roleplaying group with a roleplaying government body, but when a member is removed from the group, he is stripped of all powers and there’s no “legality” when it comes to roleplay. We understand this may upset some of you roleplayers, but this isn’t us dictating the community because we run the community. This is us ensuring that the community doesn’t get filled with toxicity driving out new players (not that there’s already plenty of toxicity). We respect what you are here for, and we attempt our best to suite your needs. We prefer respectful conversations over defamation and anger.

If you did not know, again, context: Danny made a post on Firestone Forums criticizing Fed. It gathered more than 100 responses and more than 20+ likes but was removed afterwards for “Harassment”, Danny had his forum and Discord mod roles removed, any future posts with his speech were removed as well. I will not be posting whatever Danny said there, despite it not being offensive in any way, to prevent this post from being deleted, if you did not read it and want to make sure by yourself, DM me and I will gladly show you the original post.

First of all. This:

Posts that are removed from the forums are removed for a reason, to which, as always, you can ask us why it was removed. We will answer it, if it wasn’t obvious enough.

You deleted a post that brought the attention of a lot of people and then deleted it without any trace or explanation, saying that you will “answer it in your DMs” is trying to hide the fact that the post existed from the people in the first place. Even if, according to you, the post was full of insults and harassment, why should people not be notified about a post that they were greatly interested in and a post that they supported? Why should other people, who are not aware of the situation, be deprived of the context? This is pretty much just trying to remove attention from the post, and make it look like nothing happened.


Generally we allow most of the Firestone discussions to happen on the Service. However, defamation of other community members, including the administration and developers, will never be tolerated.

Also Env responded to my previous post with this as well

Danny’s thread was closed and deleted because the majority of the thread subject was targetting FedoraMasterB98. Harassing and targetting other community members on this Service is not allowed and posts will be deleted accordingly.

Now, if anybody read the actual post made by Danny, you will obviously understand that this is not true. At no point in the post Danny was insulting or defamating any person in Firestone. Nothing apart from criticism towards Fed was put in that post. Nothing in the post was insulting or defamating, unless you can’t take criticism which, we know, is the case with Fed. To bring up Danny’s original post, this is what he said:

Unlike Jef, I am above just calling Fed names with no substance beyond the insults themselves.

Danny himself said in the beginning, that the post was not to just insult Fed, but to call him out on his actions.

I am going to skip the part with Jef because I really don’t care about it, and I a lot of other people do. I am sure people are rather pissed that a post criticizing Fed was removed with no trace and questionable reasoning.

So, what do we have here? We have ourselves a post, which is openly criticzing Fed, deleted without any notification and it’s copies are removed to avoid further spread. Now, Fed is a Founder and a grown (at least looks like grown) man, and he, apparently, cannot take criticism, when leading a whole damn group, and properly respond to it. By removing Danny’s post for “harassment, defamation and insults”, everything, including criticism from other members of the community and Danny himself, was removed. Which is exactly why I, and others, are pissed off. Administration just gave itself a great excuse by deleting the post: “It’s defamation and harassment so we won’t respond to any criticism in it.”

Interestingly enough, almost nobody here, including me, gives a fuck that Jef was removed or Danny’s mod powers were removed or some shit, only thing I give a fuck about right now, is a post containing criticism, that is not just some slander, but actual reasonable criticism, is removed without any actual response to criticism. I request, that the Founder and Co-Founders, instead of hiding behind their mod powers and removing and locking the posts criticising their actions, appropriately respond to posts containing criticism.

I request that the Founder and Co-Founders, answer for their actions in a discussion along with other members of the community, like they are supposed to and not avoid them.


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Nothing against you but why do you keep posting after it’s been closed when you know you’ll just get in trouble, lol




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people have the right to voice their opinions so uh… I wouldn’t honestly consider it harrassment.


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At the end of the day, the group, games, and forums are ran, maintained, and created by the founders (including fed). In the several years I’ve been (albeit in-and-out) of the Firestone community, I have very rarely seen the founders exercise power this way; this is clearly an exception where they need to stop in to maintain the community peace.

While I personally don’t agree with the removal of Danny’s post, this is a private site which is owned, hosted, and maintained by the founders; giving them every right to remove a post if they feel like it is encouraging people to harass, riot, or behave inappropriately.

If you have concerns, you are likely much better off voicing them with the founders peacefully instead of posting a public thread, which, yes, can lead to harassment.

And yea, there are also much bigger things in the community that we should probably care about, rather than people rarely using their powers.


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Firestone is not running just fine when Fed chooses not to listen to people who have actual experience in the field. For instance, SCFD, the only fire department in the whole state, has been reduced by many of fed’s actions, such as overruling to make SCFD secondary and dumbing down of curriculum due to it being “too hard”. Fed literally removed dosages from medications and we are no longer allowed to even list numbers for vital signs, only ask people “Is your pulse normal or not normal?”. Envelope said that majority of the things medics use are “never needed to be used.” Hypocritically, Fed said the state is built upon realism, but how can you be realistic when you have prevented someone from being able to do their job properly by removing some of the most important lifesaving measures.