CanineEnforcement & Alaskan_Law for Governor & Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone

CanineEnforcement® & Alaskan_Law®

Reform, Reparation, and Success!


Table of Contents

  • Section I. - Introduction
  • Section II. - About the Candidates
  • Section III. - Executive Branch
  • Section IV. - Legislative Branch
  • Section V. - Judicial Branch
  • Section VI. - Administration Nominees
  • Section VII. - Foreign Affairs
  • Section VIII. - County/Municipal Governments
  • Section IX. - The People of the State of Firestone
  • Section X. - Departments & State Services
  • Section XI. - Crime, Terrorism, & State Security
  • Section XII. - Long Term Plans & Overall Goals
  • Section XIII. - Conclusive Statement

Section I. - Introduction
Greetings, people of Firestone. I, CanineEnforcement, am running for Governor of the State of Firestone alongside Alaskan_Law as Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone. We bring change, and bring new beginnings. We are tired of suffering from a poor government, and change is what we need. We, are here for the people.

Section II. - About the Candidates

When the State of Firestone opened in 2016, I saw an opportunity for a fresh start in my career on ROBLOX. I joined the state in April of 2016, a mere week after it’s opening, and attended the initial interviews for department heads. On April 9th, 2016, I was hired into the Stapleton County Fire Department as the first Assistant Chief of the department. From there, my career was in and out of different occupations within the State of Firestone. Eventually, I decided to resign from the Stapleton County Fire Department due to internal problems at the time. From there, I applied, and was accepted in the Firestone Department of Corrections as a correctional officer. At the time, the Firestone Department of Corrections was a primary department, and I believed I could benefit the state best, as a firefighter. From there I returned to the Stapleton County Fire Department as a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. After (in total) 12 months of service, I resigned as a Paramedic in Charge in September of 2017, to enter the path of law enforcement. During my transition, I was offered a position within the Firestone Department of Health by (Former) Secretary Nate6612. I served under him for some time, before he decided to resign to allow me to take over the department. At this point, I realized I could bring change to the department, and actually do something with it. I was then nominated as the Secretary of the Firestone Department of Health by (Former) Governor IdentityLaw. Following my nomination, I gradually built the department from the ground up into what it is today.

  • Secretary of the Firestone Department of Health
  • Former Firefighter, Paramedic, and Assistant Chief of the Stapleton County Fire Department (x3)
  • Former Private First Class of the Firestone National Guard, 1st Military Police Regiment
  • Former Special Agent of the Firestone Bureau of Investigations
  • Former Firestone Department of Corrections Correctional Officer
  • Former Tactical-Medic under the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons & Tactics Team
  • Licensed Physician under the Firestone Department of Health
  • Certified under the Peace Officer Standards & Training
  • Certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (Basic & Paramedic)

I joined the State of Firestone in July of 2017, I’ve seen so many possibilities within the State. The departments it had offered, the role-play, and the community. I’ve seen a lot of potential in myself to joining Law Enforcement, and viewing Government. I became POST Certified in August of 2017, and applied for the Stapleton County Sheriffs Office under Sony1234big’s administration. I then resigned from the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office in October after earning Corporal, I’ve decided to tryout the Firestone State Patrol. With several months of hard work, I earned Major in August of 2018. Recently, I have noticed that the Government has fallen and has done nothing productive. Therefore, I am here to bring change. Here’s my former experiences

  • Former Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office Corporal
  • Former Firestone State Patrol Major
  • Former Firestone Department of Homeland Security Secret Service & Federal Protective Service
  • Former Department of Public Safety Investigator

Section III. - The Executive Branch
The Executive Office of the State of Firestone, will be broken up into 4 different offices, all tasked with different jobs. These offices will be replacing the pre-existing ‘branches’ under the Executive Office.

The Office of State Security & Intelligence

  • The Office of State Security & Intelligence will be responsible for collecting, intercepting, and reviewing intelligence and information that may prove detrimental to the states overall safety. They will also be responsible for countering terrorism, and preventing foreign conflicts.

The Office of the Chief of Staff

  • The Office of the Chief of Staff will be responsible for carrying the duty of serving as an adviser and close aid to the Governor, acts as a mediator between all state departments and can advise cabinet members on official government policy, serves as a liaison for the executive branch in legislative matters and garners support for government initiatives in Congress, protects the interests of the Governor, manages the flow of information and keeps minutes of all cabinet meetings and other special meetings as designated by the Governor.

The Office of Communications

  • The Office of Communications will be responsible for managing press releases, press activities, and transparency between the public and the Executive Office of the State of Firestone.

The Office of Domestic Affairs

  • The Office of Domestic Affairs will be responsible for improving quality of life and listening to the people of the State of Firestone. They will be in coordination with both the public and the Executive Office to create a bridge.

Overall activity among the members of Firestone’s cabinet has been moderate. I seek to improve activity within the cabinet, for that to then radiate down into the respective departments. Cabinet members have a job, and when they’re not active, they cannot complete the job they’re given. One person should not be allowed to clog up a position that plays an important role in the state and it’s government. Inactive cabinet members creates a chain reaction of negative events.

Under this administration, the cabinet will be held to higher standards including, professional conduct, activity, and better department management. Cabinet meetings will be held every Saturday, at approximately 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. All cabinet members will be required to attend, unless they have an excused absence. At each of these meetings, department heads are to provide a report on the status of their respective departments. Should cabinet members skip or miss a large amount of meetings, I will begin requesting resignations. Inactivity will not be tolerated.

The people of the State of Firestone will be allowed to attend these cabinet meetings. The goal of making these meetings public is to provide more transparency in the status and quality of these departments.

Section IV. - The Legislative Branch
As it stands, Senate activity has been on the low side. I believe in improvement in activity within the Senate will show the public that they’re ready for improvement. As a whole, the senate can be completely revamped into something better, and greater.

It’s disappointing the Government has fallen and we lost several congressional members throughout previous administrations. I plan on raising the activity within the Senate, and actually setting up some proper guidelines, as well as reforming the pre-existing ones. It’s time for someone to put their foot down in the Chamber. I will work closely with the President Pro Tempore and ensure proper activity is enforced.

Inactivity can’t and won’t be tolerated during my term as Lieutenant Governor. The Senate will have two strikes, 1 will be a written warning, 2 will be a expulsion from the Senate. For example if a Senator doesn’t attend a Senate Session without a valid excuse will be ‘striked.‘ If they are excused, they will not be marked. The process goes on & on.

Section V. - The Judicial Branch
As of now, the Judicial Branch is working exceptionally. Chief Court Justice Floatmanjason has done a wonderful job throughout the past terms, and we would like to keep him on as Chief Court Justice. Overall, the Judicial Branch has been dealing with under-staffing, and we would like to help by allotting more resources to assist in bringing in more staff. We are also looking to expand the jurisdiction of the State Investigations Office.

Section VI. - The Administration

  • Governor Candidate - CanineEnforcement

  • Lieutenant Governor Candidate - Alaskan_Law

  • Chief Court Justice - Floatmanjason

  • Chief of Staff - Pathwaysbball

  • Attorney General of the Firestone Department of Justice - Jefrafa

  • Secretary of the Firestone Department of State - Savxtro

  • Superintendent of the Firestone State Patrol - ArcticRex

  • Secretary of the Firestone Department of Homeland Security - Chevyrocks

  • Secretary of the Firestone Department of Health - To Be Decided

  • Secretary of the Firestone Department of Aviation - iLordofAviation

  • Secretary of the Firestone Department of Commerce - batcat60

  • Secretary of the Firestone Department of Public Works - ThalliusReborn

  • Secretary of the Firestone Department of Transportation - Slinkising

  • Warden of the Firestone Department of Corrections - TTEMB

  • Secretary of the Firestone Department of Public Safety - DannyboyLaw

  • Major General of the Firestone National Guard - Timshep07

  • Director of the Firestone Peace Officer Standards & Training - MaximusGXL

Section VII. - Statement on Foreign Affairs
“World peace, like community peace, does not require that each man love his Neighbor – it requires only that they live together with mutual tolerance, submitting their disputes to a just and peaceful settlement.” - John F. Kennedy

We do not all need to live as best of friends, or even as friends at all, but, we must learn to live as one, and not in a constant state of war. As of now, I wish to reach out to the State of Mayflower to discuss possible peace agreements. I wish to start small, and gradually grow our relationship, and eventually, in the future, build something more permanent. Despite the differences in both of our governments, I believe a peace agreement could work out. These agreements can be reached to help relieve tension between the two, and build bridges. I do not intend on stopping the peace agreements with just the State of Mayflower, but expanding beyond to other groups on ROBLOX.

Section VIII. - Overview of County & Municipal Government(s)
Overall, the county & municipal governments have been working efficiently, but need more support from the state government. I plan on introducing more legislation to help improve county governments, and allot them more power for their respective districts. With the impending release of Stapleton County, Version Three, we would like to see the municipal governments prepared for release as municipalities will be a large factor in the government in version 3. We will be coordinating with the mayors to help them in anyway possible.

Section IX. - The People of the State of Firestone
As it stands, the safety of the general public cannot be guaranteed by the government, or law enforcement. The fact that you cannot even enter Redwood anymore without being slaughtered, is completely unacceptable. Citizens cannot defend themselves, because Civilian Firearm Certification Training (CFCT) courses are rarely ever hosted. I plan to change this, as explained in the section three paragraphs down. Not only are more citizens encouraged to carry, but law enforcement needs to properly disperse and better delegate their resources to areas of desperate need.

The amount of times I have personally witnessed our very own public servants get targeted by criminals, is uncountable. When they walk out of the doors of their respective department headquarters, a target is instantly painted on their backs. In one week alone, I witnessed over eight Firestone Department of Transportation employees get kidnapped, just walking around outside their own headquarters, this is unacceptable, and needs to stop. As apart of my anti-crime plan, I will work to delegate more law enforcement resources to other areas of the map, where concentrations of public employees are often found.

As a former Paramedic in Charge of the Stapleton County Fire Department, I can guarantee that their safety when on duty, is nonexistent. Fire/EMS receives little to no support from law enforcement, often after calling them numerous amounts of time for assistance. I will be working with law enforcement officials to improve scene security for the Stapleton County Fire Department, and the other departments who are constantly unnecessarily victim of crime.

I for one, am a full supporter of our second amendment. Therefore, I want to increase the amount of Civilian Firearm Certification Training courses hosted, and help citizens better defend themselves against the intense amounts of crime we’ve been seeing plague the State of Firestone. The Firestone Firearms Commission will be responsible for distributing and regulating these firearm licenses. Any cases of misconduct or negligence, will be handled by the Firestone Firearms Commission and the Firestone Department of Justice.

  • Firestone Firearms Commission Commissioner: To Be Decided
  • Firestone Firearms Commission Deputy Commissioner: To Be Decided

Section X. - Overview of the States Departments

The Firestone Department of State
Myself and the Department of State will be quite busy building relationships with other groups in the community, as outlined in my Statement on Foreign Affairs. I expect nothing less than almost perfect activity and dedication from this department, as we have a lot of work to get done.

The Firestone Department of Justice
The Department of Justice has been doing great work since the beginning of version 2, despite the endless hate they’ve received. I will be working with the Attorney General to improve this department, make their jobs easier, and help relieve the pressure from the public and people of Firestone.

The Firestone Department of Homeland Security
The Department of Homeland Security has unfortunately been stuck spending more time assisting local law enforcement, and other agencies within the state than doing what they’re meant to do. I will be coordinating with the Secretary and Deputy Secretary to help the department improve, and become better.

The Firestone State Patrol
Since the release of version 2, the Firestone State Patrol has been on and up and down basis. I believe this department still has potential to improve. With the impending release of version 3, I will be expecting the Firestone State Patrol to focus more on what they were originally delegated to do, highway patrol and traffic enforcement.

The Firestone Department of Health
As it stands, this department is in acceptable condition, but there is always room for improvement. If elected, the new Secretary will have the task of improving this department from where I left off. As Secretary, I know what this department needs most, hence why I will be bringing more government aid and attention to it.

The Firestone Department of Aviation
While waiting for their airport to be completed, much isn’t expected from the Firestone Department of Aviation. I’m excited to see this department kick up.

The Firestone Department of Commerce
It has been some time since we’ve seen new businesses come in and out of the State of Firestone, mainly due to the lack of developmental attention being brought to the department and it’s businesses. I plan on coordinating with the Secretary and developers to help get this department back on their feet.

The Firestone Department of Public Works
The Firestone Department of Public Works is working actively, and as expected.

The Firestone Department of Transportation
Much like the Firestone Department of Public Works, the Firestone Department of Transportation is working exceptionally. I only wish to see more transportation services in the county, rather than just in the group.

The Firestone Department of Corrections
From where it started in version 1, with practically nothing, this department has risen above expectations. I will be working with the Warden of the Firestone Department of Corrections to help improve the department in any way I can.

The Firestone National Guard
The Firestone National Guard is operating efficiently. There is always room for change and improvement. I will be working with the Major General to bring that much needed change to the department.

The Firestone Peace Officer Standards & Training
After speaking with the current Director of this academy, we discussed a possible reboot of the entire academy. In my experience, POST has been more focused on quantity over quality, and we have seen the drop of quality in law enforcement officers over the months.

The Firestone Department of Public Safety
Despite the controversy surrounding the Firestone Department of Public Safety, they are working to a fair standard. Although, there is need for change in this department. In my honest opinion, the hiring requirements and process allow for too much potential bias to slip into the department, and that has been shown in past cases.

The Firestone Firearms Commission
The Firestone Firearms Commission will be run by the Governor, the Director of POST, the Commissioner of the Firestone Firearms Commission, and the Deputy Commissioner of the Firestone Firearms Commission. They will be responsible for distributing and maintaining firearm licenses within the state. The Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner will not be considered Cabinet and Sub-Cabinet positions, and rather just employees of the executive office.

Section XI. - Crime, Terrorism, and State Security
Localized crime within the State of Firestone, runs rampant with no end in sight, under our current circumstances. I plan on introducing a new anti-crime plan to help quell the amounts of crime we’re seeing in the county. This plan includes fresh and upgraded legislation on our current laws, and creates harsher penalties for crime. Another large factor that plays in, is the dispersion of law enforcement. Law enforcement, would receive new patrol routes. Each of these revised patrol routes, would concentrate them on areas where crime runs most rampant. The Office of Domestic Affairs will be responsible for overseeing and dispersing law enforcement more properly around the county, to help quell the spikes of crime we’ve been seeing.

Over time, we have seen the amount of terrorist attacks go down significantly. Despite the drop in terrorist threats, we should no let our guard down. The Firestone Department of Homeland Security will receive new and improved training tactics on countering terrorism, and preventing such incidents from occurring. More resources will be delegated to law enforcement to help counter these incidents. The better we prepare for these incidents, the better we can counter and prevent them.

Section XII. - Long Term Plans & Goals

  • Complete rebuilding and reform of the cabinet

  • Crime deduction

  • Revamped criminal code

  • Creation of foreign relations with the State of Mayflower

  • Better counter-terrorism training & tactics

  • Increase in cabinet activity

  • Increase in activity amongst the legislative branch

  • Creation of transparency with the public and the government

  • Complete revamp of some of the departments

  • Reboot of the Firestone Peace Officer Standards & Training Academy

  • Reboot of the Firestone Fire Academy (Pending Version 3 release)

  • Delegation of more power to municipal governments

  • Startup of the Firestone Firearms Commission

  • Reform and review of some departments

  • Review of counter-terrorism tactics

  • Complete cut-down of corruption within the government

Section XIII. - Conclusive Statement
Despite the negatives and the backlash I’ve received, I’ve come to mend the problems in the state. I have overcome to hatred, and those who oppose me to this. I may not have the political experience everyone so desperately seeks in me, but unlike others, I suffered through the same hardships as the rest of the normal, hardworking Firestone people have. I was once the low man on the totem pole, I arose from nothing, to something.

One thing this state has taught me, is that no matter what happens, we will always be able to bounce back, as one. No matter the scandal, no matter the incident, the true members of Firestone will always be able to recoup and rebuild. It truly goes to show that despite the toxicity within the community, we are always able to come together as one, and make things better.

  • On December 22nd, 2018, we watched as our Government nearly crumbled over the actions of a few. How? How were the actions of so few able to affect so many?

  • On November 24th, 2018, we watched as special forces was exposed for a multitude of indecencies. And even then, the Governor had no clue what was going on.

  • On August 5th, 2018, we watched, together, as the FSP Gate unfolded.

I, am here to rebuild the Firestone State Government. Far too long have we suffered from corruption, scandals, and nothing but toxicity, it is time for change. This change will not only come from me, but from you as well. As one, we will rebuild the State of Firestone and restore it to it’s former glory. We cannot continue to rely on others to do this for us.





@CanineEnforcement What is your stance on the Firestone Bureau of Investigation?


Seeing as I served in that department, I noticed many flaws in it. I do not believe in the Firestone Bureau of Investigations coming back, when their same job can be done by multiple other existing departments.

tl;dr they will not be returning.


Lets see if they are coming back…


lol why u copying my format. its ok b


The Firestone Bureau of Investigations served no purpose, sorry. We spent most of our time chasing investigations that meant absolutely nothing.


And I hope you know, the two strike system will fuck up the whole Senate. You will be going through elections after elections and nothing will get done. Just telling you that now from experience.


Will you support the furry race during your term?


it meant nothing because the people who lead it drove it to the ground


And you can make the FBI serve a purpose, which is what Congress is currently doing. You can’t just place a bad administration to an agency that is the back bone of the state. Which is why this government brought back the SAC and we are looking very close into nominees.


I also have a question. There has been reports of corruption where you stand. One of them being Calling for the Resignation of CanineEnforcement how do you intent addressing the issue to the public? Also, you do know why we don’t host CFCT’s often is because of the risk of neglectfully discharging your weapon at the county. If we were to start hosting more and more CFCT’s everyone will be armed with guns and the county will experience uncontrollable shootouts everywhere. You are basically putting gasoline into a burning house. Department meetings for Cabinet members failed terribly, which is why we stopped doing them for a while.


I’ve already addressed that issue.


And you do realize we still do weekly cabinet meetings…? They work effectively.


Supported and fully endorsed!

SCFD Paramedic.


those fuckers got my fired, and as the evidence showed, ovg only used it to weed out people he didn’t like.


Supported and endorsed. #K94GOV

Former FSP Superintendent WaterLostic


@DevMartavis I understand your opinion on the Two strike system. That will nost likely be edited, we need to have a active & successful government.


Currently we’re here for the people, and actually leave a beneficial MARK on the Firestone Community. Failure within the Government and the State is not a option what so ever. I urge you all to read through the speech, and make your final decision from there.


This document contains a lot of detail about what you guys are going to do

However, I will not be supporting a candidate that committed slander against the speaker of the house. No support.


@Sharm500 that situation is done and over with. We’re focusing on improvement for the State of Firestone. Give him a chance, put the drama aside.