Bodycams as Equipment!

Bodycams as Equipment!!

Hi! It’s me with another suggestion, muhahaha… tense cliffhanger

Anyway. Let’s start with what this is based around. RECORDING. Lots of LEOs record their shifts in case something happens that requires it, for example (but not limited to):

  • Court if sued etc.
  • To check for a description of a suspect that was lost.
  • To make sure they got the right person.
  • For proof if they are assaulted and can’t remember the suspect.

These days, lots of officers all over the world have bodycams recording. Image as an example only. This image shows an officer wearing a bodycam.

That is what you call an Axon Body 2 (I think it’s a 2), which is an extremely common bodycam amongst officers.

Now. Let’s move on to the main suggestion. Bodycams! I think it would be extremely cool to have a bodycam ingame. Before I continue, I must emphasise, the bodycam WILL NOT BE FUNCTIONAL and is purely for visual purposes - the most it would do (and it doesn’t have to, it could do nothing technical) is have the ring flash (it’s a simple while true do script I’m sure you’ll know). It would be a system the same as the campaign hat systems - you step/walk into a little pad and it puts the item on you. The item will go on your front right side (as if you are looking at your own camera) like this:

Departments will have a small section in the handbook stating that you are only to wear the bodycam if you are recording your shift/patrol, and you must wear it if you are recording your shift/patrol. All departments will get it (includes DOT and DPW) And, it would look like the picture at the top of this page.

This would add lots of realism to the state, and wouldn’t/isn’t really too much of an ask, and shouldn’t really take too long to make. It would be a good addition to both V2 and V3 - it would be exactly the same in V2 and V3 so it’s easy. Please support this if you agree with me. And feel free to ask any questions!

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Hmm xd does that mean yes or no from you

Currently Firestone doesn’t have a developer to do this regardless. John got fired.

I could try to do it. Not as a developer. Just as, uh, doing something. Just if no other developers could do it like you said of course.

If that happened, I’d do it and send it to a developer. They’d check it for bugs/viruses etc, but you can rest assured I wouldn’t put bugs/viruses in.

But I’d appreciate it if we didn’t just start going on about this more than we currently have here. Not out of rudeness. Simply because this isn’t what this post is about. :grinning:

thank you very good read for someone who has never heard of a bodycam. maybe a t shirt bodycam would work though

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Yes but not as realistic, 2d isn’t it

As an SCSO Deputy, I do not like this idea.

First of all, I like operating in the dark, I constantly try to change my avatar in order to evade getting found in game or on the SCSO group and then getting reported for misconduct that I may or may not commit on a daily basis. I do not want to be forced to wear a body cam when I’m recording on OBS. I only record on OBS to sue people for damages for lots of money in court.

Body cameras also suggest government responsibility, I do not want that as a local Officer. I do not want my agency to be responsible for their Officers actions. I’d also like to add that I am a Peace Officer of this state, and do not want any regulation, policy, or steps to be put in place in order to protect our citizens. Our citizens are worthless at best, the only thing they are good for is paying their taxes in order for me to get payed. I’d also like to add that we should abolish POST, SCSO should be allowed to Deputize who ever they want.
I dream of the day someone can walk into SCSO, apply, and in 12 minutes, be driving a squad car and carrying a gun and acting like an incompetent Deputy.


You want bodycams as equipment but yet we still cant have belts or vests… focus on priorities please. This could maybe be a V3 option.

Continuing the discussion from Bodycams as Equipment!:

We already have a belt in 2D, and he’s just requesting a bodycam in 2D as well for the sense of realism in the game, or if anything, just out of creativity.

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I don’t think this is absolutely necesary at the moment.


What you’re doing there is a few things which I don’t appreciate in my thread.

  • You aren’t just telling me you don’t like the idea. Your putting on tone that sounds like arguing in my opinion and in other people’s opinions I am sure.

  • You are going on about things that are nothing to do with this. For example, you want to abolish POST. **Good for you. ** But stop bringing your suggestions to my suggestions threads, when they have nothing to do with my suggestion. You say that you dream of the day someone can walk into SCSO, apply, and in 12 minutes, be driving a squad car and carrying a gun and acting like an incompetent Deputy. Ok. Once again, good for you. That is nothing to do with this suggestion of mine. And if that was to happen, there would be so much abuse and it would turn like some other games (which I won’t mention) where people just pull you over for nothing and shoot you for nothing and drive around constantly Code 3.

  • You always change your avatar to evade being found by people wanting to report you? Ok, good for you. Once again, nothing to do with this. You are accountable for your actions. Not getting involved in that of course. But I’d like to remind you of this section of the oath which you took upon becoming a Peace Officer: “I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions.”

  • You say you don’t want to be forced to wear a body camera? Nobody is forcing you buddy. It’s not even ingame. It’s a suggestion which could be a thing ingame at some point.

  • Finally. You say our citizens are worthless? That in my opinion is totally wrong. Citizens make the county. You yourself are a State of Firestone citizen. You have to be one to become a Peace Officer. And you’re saying the citizens are worthless? And you’re saying that the only good thing about them is them paying tax so you can get payed?

I politely request that you remove your post from the threat, or edit it to remove the things that have nothing to do with my suggestion whatsoever. I ain’t a mod or anything, and I ain’t acting like one either - I am simply politely requesting. I ain’t forcing you. If you don’t remove it, I don’t care. But it would be nice if you did.



Hello. I agree that we need 3D vests and belts beforehand (before 3D body cameras I mean). It would be a ton more realistic to have them. For now, a 2D bodycam could work, like the vests and belts. I do support that we gain 3D belts/vests before 3D bodycams though.

Hm. It’s not absolutely necessary, no. We are copying without it right now. It’s just a suggestion. However, I agree more important things should be prioritised before this if that’s where you’re coming from.

As a POST Certified member, you took this oath:

“On my honor,
I will never betray my badge,
my integrity, my character,
or the public trust.
I will always have the courage
to hold me and others
accountable for our actions.
I will always uphold the Constitution,
the community, and the agency I serve,
so help me God.”

It says that you will always hold the courage to uphold yourself and others accountable for actions, yet you’re saying you don’t want to wear it so you can hide in the dark from disciplinary action.


Some key issues. 1. How would these cameras actually record?
2. Where would the recordings go to/How could LEOs access them?
3. Why should you need it when, Screen-recording exists?

To answer the first two, it’s literally impossible. Roblox doesn’t have a feature in game where you can record from a camera and export the video to an external platform.
The only solution to needing to prove innocence on the side of a LEO or other emergency responder is simply, Record. Your. Shifts.
Having the bodycam as an aesthetic device might be nice, but it cannot be a defense in court unless you accompany it with a recording of the encountter.

  1. He said they won’t be functional.
  2. Read above.
  3. Read #1

Regardless, I agree that it would be nice as an aesthetic device.

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Clearly you cannot understand context clues in sentences. I graduated post 4 years ago and 12 days ago, the oath an Officer takes does not stop misconduct, it is merely a fancy mirage to the citizens to make the process of becoming an Officer rigid, tedious, and a major accomplishment.

Obviously, I wouldn’t be employed if I commonly broke the fucking law or departmental policies. If I really was evading misconduct reports, I’d eventually be found, investigated, and blacklisted.

I have emphasised in my original quote already that this would not be functional. It would not record. It would be purely for decoration/visual purposes. And LEOs would wear them if they were recording their patrols MANUALLY with OBS etc.

I am going to ask that if you’re going to keep going on about this in my thread, you can just stop contributing. It’s not helping whatsoever. It’s nothing to do with the suggestion. You’re still going on about it after I’ve hinted for you to stop. This time, I ain’t hinting for you to stop. I’m telling you to stop.

This thread should be about the suggestion and not this please. Period, again.