Bait car operations are very simple. Firstly, have an LEO off-team to spawn a civilian vehicle, have them park it in a busy area (such as Redwood CD) fully unlocked. Have multiple Law Enforcement Officers around the area of the bait vehicle in unmarked vehicles (like the picture at the top of this topic), once someone decides to jump into the vehicle and drive off, immediately communicate with the other LEOs, pursue the suspect, preform a C7 and eventually arrest.


I personally support the idea of Bait cars, now yes, we do lack training in doing this but I’m sure a simple joint department training on this won’t hurt anybody.

And yes, the Governor has stated in #state-announcements to not do “bait cars” but I’m just asking for the publics opinion.


to be fair, car theft is like the least common crime in v2 (except for reckless driving a train of course), i think its a waste of time/resources to do a bait car when units are best spent doing something more pro-active


This idea will not work, most users expect a car to be locked. Nobody nowadays expects for a car to be unlocked, this will rarely even happen

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I agree with cossie.

stupid idea

no one steals cars,

would only work if deps could spawn a car directly for this purpose instead of using some random civis car

no need for this in v2 defo for v3.



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If you have read this, it clearly states that we would be using a vehicle owned by an LEO, not a random civ.

stupid idea for current v2 climate

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just no. GOOD DAY MA’AM!

Honestly, I when I was a criminal I was arrested 1,500 times and the funny part is I don’t think I have ever been arrested for GTA…


omg danhoo2 ):

Firestone gets a lot of new players each day, most of them don’t even know how to get a vehicle.

them seeing an unlocked vehicle = them getting in it and driving it.

new players dont even know how to get in cars xd

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i agree. thats why we would only have around 2 units dedicated to this operation, the rest would get involved once someone gets in the bait vehicle and drives off.

those two units would be much better off used elsewhere in my opinion, running radar would be more use, for example.

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this operation would obviously be done in a server that has 8+ units actively patrolling. in the long run, having this operation would raise awareness of this issue and eventually citizens will catch on to this and stop stealing vehicles.

#justmyopinion #donthate !!!

I have seen civilians attempt to steal cars before but cause theyre broke, not to commit GTA. it doesnt happen often. could it rarely work? yes. do i think its worth manpower? no

10 units on duty, having 2 dedicated to this won’t hurt at all, especially since it ends up putting the felon who stole the vehicle in jail.

ok fr when was the last time you saw a stolen car

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2 days ago when @NicoleCrowther was running around redwood blvd saying her vehicle was stolen