An Uprising in "New Life Rule" and Why It Doesn't Officially Exist in Firestone

Heya, ladies and gentlemen.

I’m Major Inspiric, of the Firestone State Patrol. I’ve recently seen NLR rise up from criminals again, using their own death as an excuse to the crimes that they’ve committed.

NLR Definition.

Now, to those who aren’t aware of the definition of the “New Life Rule,” let me explain it to you in Layman’s Terms (basic english).

The New Life Rule is referred as the New Life Rule because it basically clears every criminal act that you’ve done in your past lives. This rule ideology was created in efforts to increase realism within Ro-Governments and basic roleplaying games. A “life” is considered when you spawn into the game, until you die and then respawn.

Lives, however, cannot end in self-inflicted death, nor can it end in resets. Fatal injuries that were caused by your own being cannot be used within the New Life Rule.

To continue on, this New Life Rule is popularized by the State of Mayflower and used primarily in states like Docklands.

However, there has never been legislation regarding the enforcement of the New Life Rule within the State of Firestone. This NLR myth within the State of Firestone had been debunked by fmr. Chief Court Justice / current President Pro Tempore NotoriousAmerican.

You can legitimately go to the Firestone Legislative Operations Board with a filtering and see that there is no legislation that involves “New Life Rule.”

So, why are you writing a forum about this?

The problem with this New Life Rule, is that it permanently excuses everyone that had committed a violent crime from being arrested. Now, new LEOs are quite confused by the NLR initiation, as criminals do continue to use it as an advantage over their lack of knowledge of what the NLR actually is.

This forum was created to ensure future LEOs and civilians don’t reference the New Life Rule as a real thing within the State of Firestone. There’s no way that it can exist unless with actual legislation.

To those Government Officials that do know quite a lot regarding the New Life Rule, please share it below. If you find any of my topics that I covered within this forum to appear incorrect, let me know.

If you agree that NLR is shit and unofficial, like or say support down below.

If you disagree that NLR is shit and unofficial, say your opinions down below.

TL;DR - stop using nlr because it’s not a real thing in fs okay thanks


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There’s a reason you didn’t see it on the legislature operations board. Implementing the NLR would be because of an act from the administrative team of Firestone. In efforts to become realistic, no legislature will ever define that because, once again, it’s a matter of the administrative team and it would deviate away from their duties. Notice why official “bans” were never enacted?


Actually it’s mostly cops who believe this, because it would be awkward and can make people frame cops how? Say so someone got in a shootout, they die, respawn sand start recording they can act like they just joined and they are just walking and poof a cop cuffs then and sends them to jail which looks bad. It also Brings confusion when cops read there charges and other let’s are like 'he has no gun what do you mean ’ and it can get really confusing at times. That’s why the NLR rule got so famous its actually making things a lot more simple.


Regardless, such an announcement regarding NLR made by the administrative team of Firestone was never officially made within any communicative platform at all.

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The only reason why an announcement of NLR has never been made is because it is a grey area and will cause lots of confusion if we announce it. Here’s the deal: If you engage yourself in a gunfight with somebody else, end up killing them, you CANNOT go to spawn and cuff them. You should act as if they have died in that gunfight, and it is over. I’m tired of LEOs being so selfish in the fact that they always want perks for themselves and don’t understand the side of the criminals. Yes, some criminals RP & ruin the gameplay, but there is others who actually try to be realistic and enjoy it - but you guys just cuff them on sight.

This isn’t really something that is decided by the court, but rather by fed or the development team; since it is on the administrative side of things. You don’t see courts making bills for logging to evade arrest, because it simply cannot be enforced by them. I find it retarded that LEOs would be cuffing people after they just died, because guess what? They just died. If they died, then cuffing them would be a false arrest. You guys need to understand how annoying this is for some criminals, and need to let them have fun too. Regardless, my own department will not be cuffing people after killing them – it’s absolutely stupid and unnecessary.


FINALLY, I see criminals kill LEO’s and they rush back to the scene and taze and cuff them, THEY SHOULD ACT AS IF THEY DIE AND DON’T RESPOND TO THE SCENE BECAUSE THEY ARE DEAD, THEY SHOULD INSTEAD RESPOND TO OTHER THINGS… @Straphos I would love to see Devs enforce this…


Trust me, I think that LEOs are selfish and don’t look at the criminal’s perspective. Criminals deserve to have fun too.


Personally, it’s all circumstantial and would have to have regulations that’d both be enforced to LEOS and Citizens at the extent of the Firestone Moderation team. I believe that if someone dies, they should not be held accountable for their past life crimes.


  • What happens when you stop someone that you lost earlier, that claims they died and neither side can be proven?
  • What happens when someone resets to forces their death to avoid arrest?
  • What happens when a court case is submitted on these individuals and they claim they died and should not be punishable?

These instances would all have to be thought of, discussed, and regulated by the dev team, as we all have no authority to really implement nor enforce this.

Currently, it’s a grey area. I don’t think spawn trapping people with Warrants / BOLOs should occur, just like civilians shouldn’t be able to go and stand in-front of SCSO station and shoot deputies as they spawn in.

Ultimately, if you’re killed by LEOs or another citizen in a legitimate fashion, they should NOT be arrested after. Law Enforcement represents the government in a public fashion. They enforce laws and ultimately dictate future of people within Firestone. They have the ability to take someone’s life without court or a verdict.

Now, I believe a good addition would be to have a log view-able of when someone dies vs Resets, that’s view-able by everyone. There would be a button on keyboard / GUI that’ll say when someone respawns and how. Where they arrested? Did they reset? Did they get shot? and so forth.

This is something I urge moderation team to discuss and put a document out regulating it. Departments have training in this, to ensure law enforcement officers are held accountable and know how to adequately address this.

In Regards,

Stapleton County Fire Department.


Resetting, “committing suicide”, or anything under that category after a pursuit, during a gunfight, traffic stop, or anything under that category is lawful for you to put out a BOLO for them when they respawn.



Double jeopardy is a thing, a person can be killed during a hostage situation or arrested and still be prosecuted in a court of law.

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Can you say the same thing for criminals?
is killed by LEOs
rushes to buy another gun
is again killed by LEOs

so on and so forth.

Plus, if there’s a massive shootout in which I’m killed, I’m not going to drive away from it like nothing happened.

  1. LEOs can press their distress etc.
  2. We can hear shots and respond there.

I mean, in theory I agree with this. But if it’s 11:00 PM at night in the most popular time zone and there’s only like three cops on, what if all three get killed? Do they just ignore the dude destroying everyone at CD?


pretty much NLR does exist like as if its a DarkRP in garrys mod but with more limitations, in where a person can still go back to the scene etc, and if he user is wanted the cops can go after him but spawncamping him isn’t permitted, also biggest problem I faced is when ppl like mythric that complain that I leave the game after I die or something. A user isn’t forced to stay in the game after they died from a cop

You’re acting as if in real life they don’t have many more LEOs coming. I wouldn’t mind maybe a respawn delay, maybe 5-10 seconds, but ultimately when you fire at a cop, it becomes priority in real life.


5 minute time wait

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That’s still a fairly long time for someone to be rapid firing on CD