An Order Regarding Economic Sanctions on Ridgeway

An Order Regarding Economic Sanctions on Ridgeway

To respond and clarify the economic sanctions on Ridgeway

§1. Enactment

(a) This Order shall go into effect as a temporary Commerce Regulation upon the passing, signing, and enactment of: Trello .

§2. Severability

(a) Should any part of this Order be struck down and/or declared unenforceable, then that part shall not be severed with the rest remaining in full force and in effect unless all is struck down and/or declared unenforceable.

§3. Enforcement

(a) This Order shall be enforced by all businesses permitted by the State of Firestone.

§4. Definitions

(a) The State of Ridgeway shall be defined as: USA | State of Ridgeway - Roblox.

(b) The Ridgeway National Guard shall be defined as: USA | Ridgeway National Guard - Roblox .

(c) The State Sanctions act shall be defined as The State Sanctions Act .

§5. Sanctions

(a) Any business within the State of Firestone shall follow and enforce these sanctions. Business employees who fail to comply will become business blacklisted and may be charged by the Department of Justice for violating a sanction and committing an act of Treason.

(b) All businesses shall enforce the following:

(b1) No business employee may sell, distribute, offer, or give any good or services to individuals who are representing the State of Ridgeway or who are part of The Ridgeway National Guard.

(b2) No business who is licensed by the State of Firestone may duly operate in the State of Ridgeway.

(b3) No business may hire or maintain employment with an individual who is employed in the Ridgeway National Guard, Ridgeway State Senate, Ridgeway State Cabinet, or the Ridgeway Judiciary in the State of Ridgeway.

(c) In the event a violation of section (b) occurs, one of the Business Representatives for that business must report the incident to the Department of Commerce via the tipline, . Businesses who fail to report said violation will have their permit suspended for the duration that this order is in effect.

§6. Nullification

(a) These sanctions shall be repealed upon Trello being repealed or nullified. These sanctions may also be repealed and replaced at the order of the Secretary of Commerce.

§7. Authority

(a) Reviewed and signed on this day July 10th, 2023 by


Secretary of Commerce

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