An Open letter to Governor Floatmanjason and Lt Governor Stamose

Brief Summary

This is an open letter intended for viewing by the Governor @FIoatmanjason, and Lt Governor @Stamose, to ask them the following questions:

  1. How did the executive branch permit the Firestone State Patrol to reach this low level of employment and ability
  2. How does the executive branch plan to resolve the current situation regarding the internal administration of the Firestone State Patrol, in reference to the discrepancy presented by Bronze command now consisting of 75% Corporals
  3. How did the past administration make the active decision to nominate Ftlicious to the position of FSP Colonel

The Letter

As of the day of writing the Firestone State Patrol has 49 Members (Excluding Fed, and 3 Development staff under the rank “Firestone Developer”), with the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office containing 137 members (Excluding 15 Probationary Deputies, 3 Firestone Developers and Fed).

On the 12th of August 2021, Chill_Bunniez created a graph of trend of employment in the two major LEO Departments, namely the Firestone State Patrol and Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office.

This graph demonstrates the downward trend of employment figures in FSP over the period of May to August 12th. During the period between May 31st to June 6th FSP hosted applications to hire 9-16 new troopers, of Intake 10 they only accepted 9 members. This is the bare minimum they set out. This accounts for the minor hump between June 13th and June 27th on the graph.

It took the Colonel of FSP 4 months to open applications again, this opened on the 13th of September and ended on the 24th of September. Of Intake 11 no results are known of yet, they have until October 1st to release these results per the 7 day policy. As it currently stands, at time of writing, 11 have passed Stage II checks. The Spreadsheet also notes that 22 are pending Stage II checks, with 2 on hold, 1 for 2FA and another for an expungement trial.

I begin this open letter with raw data, unimpeded from personal view or bias, merely simple facts. This is where I want to make it clear that my personal views will come into play to form the rest of this letter.

It has been well noted by the community that Fed wants all departments at 100+ members for V3 release, and with its release within the next 3-4 months (pending scripting and refining). At the time of Code_Law being Colonel, before his dismissal under the NinWin1 administration, the Firestone State Patrol had amassed close to 130-140 members. This number exceeded Feds requirements, and set the foundation for FSP to continue to grow and match the numbers now seen of SCSO. It should be stated that at the time FSP had 130-140 members, SCSO was hovering close to 70-80 members as their baseline but would continue to grow their numbers further.

It is therefore fair to say that between the confirmation of Colonel Ftlicious and the day of writing, FSP has drastically gone downhill. Not solely in regards to membership numbers but in regards to actual quality of employees. I will also make reference to the second graph made by Chill_Bunniez, over the same time period, using SCSO as the reference data set to compare to the National Guard, Department of Homeland Security, and the Bureau of Investigation.

FNG, DHS, FBI Membership Numbers

For sake of clarity, as of time of writing the current member counts for FNG, DHS, and FBI are the following:

FNG - 143 (Subtracting Fed + 3 Developers)
FBI - 24 (Subtracting 4 Candidates + Fed + 2 Developers)
DHS - 66 (Subtracting Fed + 3 Developers)

Over the same time period, where FSP is seen to be in a steady decline, SCSO remains growing with slight fluctuation, as does the National Guard. This is in contrast to DHS and FBI beginning and ending the measuring period with roughly the same number of employees; It should also be noted that DHS and FBI are inherently low employee departments, their departments are built to be difficult to get into and rarely see major turnover rates. This is important to note as FSP is a beginner department, one built to help individuals get a footing into LEO work in FS, while also allowing for more expansive experiences with knowledge gained down the line. (But I will also note, per Fed’s requirements for 100 employees in all departments come V3, DHS and FBI will need to accrue many more employees to meet that)

This particular graph also demonstrates a strange connection between DHS and FSP membership numbers, by the end of the measuring period the numbers are close to perfectly matched. Comparing those statistics as of writing, DHS has 66 compare to FSP’s 49, these two numbers are seemingly the inverse of where these departments should be. However, it should be known that this statistic does make sense, if we look into the nature of Ftlicious’ previous employment and his letter to NinWin1, we can actively see him praise the work done by Colorful as DHS secretary and his desire to implement DHS practice into FSP.

A very obvious example of good leadership is Secretary colorful_parrots and the Department of Homeland Security. Secretary colorful_parrots has done an excellent job of laying out the standards of the department and ensuring that the Administration enforces those standards upon the rest of
the department. Because of his leadership and decision making, the department has very minimal conduct issues and the public has confidence in its officers and leaders. -Ftlicious

I firmly believe that the level of success that the Department of Homeland Security has had can
be emulated in the State Patrol. I have been fortunate enough to have served in several notable command positions within the state to understand how standards should look like and how to uphold those standards. If I were in charge of the State Patrol, I would reinforce values such as professionalism, maturity, respect, leadership, and competence onto members of the department.

He firmly believed in the success of DHS, and that it could be emulated by him with FSP. While a noble thing to say in what is an application for a job, it’s not what should be said for this particular job. FSP is not and has never been what DHS is, nor should the two ever be compared; apart from being LEO agencies, neither share the same purpose. By attempting to emulate Colorful’s success, Ftlicious has crippled any chance of growth in FSP, with cropping out hundreds of applicants who could be taught and shaped into great LEOs and more importantly, better members of the community, under FSP. This simply should outrage many new POST applicants, and even older LEOs in the community, it simply isn’t want FSP is meant to be.

You may then ask, what is FSP meant to be, simple: “a beginner department, one built to help individuals get a footing into LEO work in FS, while also allowing for more expansive experiences with knowledge gained down the line.” This isn’t just a sentiment held by myself but by many in the community, FSP is not meant to have the same secluded and confined mentality of DHS with privacy being the major concern, but rather building mateship and refining roleplay and knowledge in new and old members. A stepping stone into the realm of LEO work in FS.

To Conclude
To reiterate, FSP was placed under new leadership to “fix” the department and to “improve standards”, this has only resulted in a decline of members and a decrease in those desiring to join or be apart of the department. Even members within FSP have stated displeasure in the conditions. I do not understand how one can say this outcome has done anything to fix FSP, because in the same time span, SCSO has retained Sheriff JamesDeeks and seen incredible success. SCSO:SWAT and regular Sheriff Deputies have completely turned around their image and have been quite brilliant in their work in county and in Discord, demonstrating what FSP truly needed.

I ask then of both Governor Floatmanjason and Lt Governor Stamose to actively review the work conducted by FSP and to properly address their current state. For members just recently re-elected to office take this newly earned time to fix the mistakes of past administrations.

For anyone else who managed to read this far, god bless, and have a wonderful rest of your day.


For sake of transparency, new updated graphs created by the amazing @Chill_Bunniez


I’ll apply to FSP once my term ends and I will solve this crisis and keep the streets safe

on a more serious note yes this is a really good forum post and good graphs


Ok not jumping into politics but would encourage you to review disciplinary action issuance rates/rates of DPS investigation into the actions of the department’s personnel…

I do believe that SCSO has much higher rates in both areas… now wether this is due to another issue (aside from group membership rates) can not definitively be said at the moment without further study…

Also I would recommend looking at patrol logs to determine actual rates of in-game time logged… you can have a small department that has personnel on 24/7 vs. a big department that only has mass shifts…

Again… not getting into this politically just giving everyone some thoughts on how to approach the questions you posed.



While true, you must also note that there is a traditional link between increase player numbers and DPS reporting, some may also consider some events over-reported. While yes this is an issue, one can also look at ASU representing 1/3 of the department and how a pilot just recently was grounded and RPL blacklisted for flying without one.

But the key point of this was to highlight this issue, and to get active participation from the executive branch on it rather than people merely discussing it in the FS Discord and other department chats. So you do raise some good points that should be looked over in a further study.


Just a few more points:

would recommend you provide more evidence to support the claim of “low level of…ability” and “gone downhill…in regards to actual quality of employees” and what you used to base your claims off of…

what is the source for this quote: “a beginner department, one built to help individuals get a footing into LEO work in FS, while also allowing for more expansive experiences with knowledge gained down the line”?

how are you measuring “desiring to join”? While amount of applications could be an indicator of this, it could be confounded by outside variables… amount of POST graduates/state populace, etc…

thus, as a scientist myself I recommend re-reviewing your claims and retracting this article and re-presenting it when you have evidence beyond what is scientifically heresay…

not saying your wrong or right by any means or endorsing or condoning what your saying but all claims need to have backing in order to be viable…


Yes we have a low member count but we look for quality over quantity. We still have a lot of applications to go through. Also there are rarely any DPS cases on us because of our standards. It’s pretty impressive to say the least. The issue we have with lack of interest in such a good department is Fed added ANG. I’m not trying to put them down but now really anyone can go into ANG and forget about ASU because well ANG is easier to get into because all you need to do is apply unlike ASU where you have to be in FSP for that. With v3 around the corner, there will be higher intakes I believe because we are going to have better things than good ol’ v2 such as better highways within v3 and our fleet looks really good. I don’t think there is a need of change to the department since yes we are a starter department but I prefer to call it, “The road to DHS or FBI” since the majority of the current DHS and FBI are indeed FSP.


when dpw has almost double fsp member count XD



I have collected some pieces from combing purely the FS Discord General chat in about 5 minutes, some of these support the public sentiment regarding views on FSP, its desirability for new members and the community. Of particular note, in regard to “low level of… ability”, this has come from LEO complaints regarding regarding the nature of certain members of FSP, I don’t wish to intentionally witch hunt individuals but the large nature of LEOs reporting incidents has some weight to it. More than happy to talk to you further about this.







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Silly man, what happened was an obvious mistake I made, granted I got off the hook because of that but this is why kids we don’t walk into crossfire. But when I looked at the case board, I was the fsp with the investigation but compared to that, there were 3 scso investigations. But again, I know the mistake I made and I won’t be doing that again anytime soon

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whats ur point

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DPS cases being submitted do not equate to them being “guilty”


Glad you asked that. SCSO has a reputation of endless dps cases. Other dps complaints are rare in terms of LEO department related. Last FSP case (besides mine) was conducted in June/July which means we are doing something right in terms of staying out of DPS’s way. But whenever I go on the dps trello to take a look at any applicants for cases (as it’s application season in FSP), I would find either pending or ongoing cases of one to two deputies. I’m not trying to shine a bad light on them because not every department is indeed perfect but goes to show the standards

SCSO gets more DPS cases cause SCSO is in county more often


P.S. just cause a case is submitted DOES NOT mean its a good case and they did something wrong

i could submit a case for any reason rn. a lot of scso dps’s are dismissed


Indeed you’re right, it depends on how the outcome will show for example if someone caught a deputy doing something against the law but due too lack of poid, it would get declined because of it could’ve been an impersonator

This is cute. Very cute. The Firestone Air National Guard’s admissions are run under the same admissions team as the rest of the Firestone National Guard and all our Airmen Basic are held to the same standards are your basic Infantrymen. Just because you don’t have to be in Infantry for the first month like you do normally in NatGuard does not mean we’re easy to get into.

Thank you
Lt. Colonel SeanCityNavy
101st Rotary Group Commander
Air National Guard


I will just note, if we’re going to devolve into an ASU vs ANG thread, please take it to another forum post, this is meant to be a place to properly discuss FSP as a whole and while ASU is a part of FSP, it is not the entirety. This letter comes from a place of love for FSP, being in it was a great time, being ASU3 was even better, and forming Medical Response is my highlight. So please, with all due respect to all sides, take it elsewhere, allow other voices to come through here like superchris, and bring in some good constructive feedback and discussion forward.