An addition to the Jail Timer

Alrighty, so, with FDOC becoming more and more active with more and more employees, we need a few more things to do. So of course, we do yard times and free times. But, how often does that happen?

Not too often.

You see, most of the time when we come to the cellblock to see if anyone wants yard time, about 90% of the time they are AFK. Then when you get the occasional inmate that isn’t AFK, they are surprised, and usually say “I’m surprised that FDOC is here”. Now yes, you could say that this is a departmental issue and not something that the developers can do, but let’s face it, we’re not going to have people on 24/7.

So, to tackle this, how about we add something to the jail timer. This something would be a box, and it shows how many FDOC Employees are on the team so that they know that there is a point in NOT going AFK. Now, along with this, there could be an option to request a CO, however, it will not be needed with the policy that @Faded_RBLX has discussed with the HICOMM, last HICOMM meeting. So the ‘request a CO option’ would be an optional thing for the devs

Now, another issue. If we do get an inmate that isn’t AFK and wants to have yard time, they are usually low on time. However, they always want yard time regardless. So, maybe FDOC could get a tool that could extend a person’s jail time for yard time, etc. with the person’s permission. Maybe, just maybe, it could work.

Of course, we won’t be able to stop the issue of AFK inmates completely, but at least we can help the issue, and give FDOC a few more tasks other than just sitting at the checkpoint and preventing jailbreaks. After all,
"The Firestone Department of Corrections is responsible for the Firestone State Penitentiary ensuring inmates are behaving, nourished and given yard time."

A list of other suggestions for FDOC can be found here


This is unconstitutional, and illegal (overtiming bill).

eh, maybe the second one is, but not the first one.

That was my point.

I support because whenever I got arrested like 11 months ago, there was 3 CO’s on, I made friends with them, I hang out in prison. It gave me something to do and not wait 900 seconds doing nothing.


I support aswell, as even if most good people dont get arrested often… It would give DOC officers something to do, and the prisoners something to do. Rather than stand around for 8 minutes or something

i love these ideas. +support

Like the post then please

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As Titan said, when I were a CO for like 11 months ago I met Titan while he were arrested. It’s fun for both officers and prisoners doing yard time. So I agree with this.