Allowing Unarmed Security Officers | Petition

Hey there! I totally get where you’re coming from. Allowing unarmed security agents can actually make a big difference in the overall safety and security of the community. It’s all about finding that balance between safety and approachability. Unarmed security agents can help create a more welcoming and less intimidating atmosphere, which is super important for fostering a sense of community.

By having unarmed security agents, it can also encourage more positive interactions between the community members and the security personnel. This can lead to better communication, trust, and cooperation, which are all essential for maintaining a safe and harmonious environment. Plus, it can help in de-escalating situations without resorting to the use of firearms.

I think starting a conversation about this and gathering support from the community could make a real impact. It’s about finding the best way to ensure safety while also promoting a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Your dedication to enhancing safety measures is truly commendable.

DOCM not allowing security personal without a CFL is limiting peoples opportunities to have jobs within Firestone, and hurting company’s as they cannot find people with CFL’s that want to work as security.

Our goal is to reach 45 signatures!

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Im gonna be honest, its a good idea until you realise every criminal in the game has a gun.


I agree with blaadam, unarmed security will effectively be useless. They will basically have the same job as staff at that point (so just hire them as staff)

Unlike real life you can’t use other means of force as security in Firestone (except punching with is near useless in most situations, and staff can do that too)

About the not being able to find people with CFLs there is over 1000 people with active CFLs (yes I checked)

Attend a CFCT when it’s hosted if you want one to become security


If a CFCT was hosted more than once a month, that would be a good solution. I support this petition, though I also agree unarmed security would be mostly useless when facing an actual threat. Primarily just a deterrent.

I agree, the only way I see unarmed security working is if you don’t tell people they’re unarmed (or just lie and say they are) and then have multiple there.

At that point hopefully the threat of the 3 armed guys is enough to stop criminals (when on reality none are armed)

Also monthly CFCTs are fine (and there’s more than that) + over 1K CFL holders

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I support.

scriblelz Animal & Food CO. STANDS with security personnel being required to be licensed to carry.


The petition is to allow security personnel to be unarmed, not to be armed without a license.


I know


Ok, so basically in my company had it where we would have the unarmed as drivers until they get there CFL. And or have them as extra personnel to ensure safety of our client. For example, there is a shooting the unarmed agents and a couple armed agents would evac them. I ran a company and we had it perfectly fine. With unarmed agents.

Along with that FSS has unarmed security’s officers so why cant anyone else

True there is over 1k but that has been basically sense 2019


can we revoke inactive users too many guns on the street

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then just hire them as drivers…?


They aren’t aloud to be apart of protections details