Allow phones to ring in driver seats

this is why it says an error occured^ would be cool to have so u can call ppl


never knew that

yes pls

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it says line busy which isnt the case

line is busy, stop using ur phone while driving… safety and legal reasons (not directly fs illlegal but u get

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this is going to give more excuses to VA in my opinion

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unless this is new I get calls when driving

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not true

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not realistic, ppl still do it

i never have

do it via an inventory glitch*
should just add a phone gui to civ cars for hands free xd

I want to commit Distracted Operation.


that is frp

very true imagine using an excuse such as “I was trying to contact EMS as I hurt my arm”

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va is doing it with malice, so unless they can prove malice then idrc

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malice is but one of three possible situations.

doesn’t have to be malicious.

for all of you who are saying “va will be a problem” people will need to deal with it, its realistic to have phones ring in your driver seat so why not add them? you shouldnt be calling and driving so thats rp

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Like thekerbal said, Distracted Operation (“Driving a motor vehicle […] while operating an in-game phone”) is a traffic offense in Firestone. It’s good RP if you can be on the phone while driving but you have to hide it if you see an LEO no way am I recommending violating traffic regulation

If you’re driving while on the phone, that’s not an excuse to ignore any other traffic regulations. So I don’t quite see how it has anything to do with VA, you are still liable if you hit someone “through clear and extreme disregard for traffic law”.



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no its not

doing it with a gun would be

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then make new legislation

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