A joint thank you letter to the Senators who think they know more about a department than their respective heads and field experts

Good evening citizens of Firestone,

At the last Senate session, they failed our two ambassador nominees. I thank @Stamose for actually attempting to understand the situation. However, the rest just fail our nominees while acting as they know more about foreign affairs and what the state department needs than the actual Secretary of State (you can see that here https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/570755310080229396/711039717210325009/unknown.png). They failed both of the nominees without even giving them a chance to speak or make a speech (you can see that here https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/392154397188161539/711049999240396860/unknown.png). With that, apparently ‘politics’ the justification in one Senator’s eyes? (which can be seen here https://gyazo.com/9a847938321a170cdc89a28c2ea4bda6).

It is very sad and unfortunate that many (not all) members of the Senate scrutinize simple ambassador nominees for ‘not being prepared’ because they weren’t assigned to a specific state since they are general ambassadors who are given tasks (by me) that can involve any state. They also did not even give them a chance to speak for themselves or make a speech.

I am sure lots will rush to the comments to make their ‘statements’ about this. But it is what it is. As the Secretary of State, I know best what my department needs to improve/continue its functions. Make statements like 'they don’t need ambassadors is just not true and an very ignorant comment.

I hope the Senate (as a whole) will understand they are not necessarily experts in every field, and that is perfectly alright! There is a reason we are here running the departments we run and sending people/things to the Senate that our department would benefit from and run better with.

A very disappointed Secretary of State

The Senate’s behavior and decision making surrounding the Department of Health nominations is, to put it quite simply, disappointing. For reference, here’s a poll that was taken in the Department of Health discord: http://prntscr.com/shq804 I would say that members of DoH and the FFA Director probably have a good idea of who would be a good secretary, but what do I know? Not only did they deny these nominees, but they did it based off of flawed reasoning. “Evidence” against iiPentagramz’s nomination consisted of out of context messages, most of which were over a year old. I even provided a message to the senate debunking this document and its claims before the vote took place (https://gyazo.com/826d0bc1ed8dc968941c318eb5464b57). “Evidence” against Jonathan_McKay was nonexistent. They had claimed Jonathan targetted people in county in attempt to revoke their medical certifications, referencing events that occurred over six months ago. While, admittedly, I did protest DoH over beliefs that they were doing this at the time, I did this with a blinded state of mind. I was only going off of the rhetoric within SCFD. Since then, DoH has taken actions to make sure that situations like that wouldn’t happen again. It seems as if they were mostly swayed by a random person named “103” who came onto the floor. To put it bluntly, 103 has a reputation of being childish and untrustworthy. The fact that he was able to get on the floor in the first place kind of shocks me.

Now that I’ve mentioned people getting on the floor, I was met with resistance and questioning when I asked Senators to yield to me during the confirmation. I mentioned I was the FFA Director and that I wanted to ask questions as well as say my side of things, and these Senators thought that counted for nothing and needed me to convince them further, despite the fact that my sector is being affected most by this. I will not leak these private messages or the names of these Senators unless they give express permission, out of respect for their position.

If you continue at this rate, good luck finding a competent Secretary of Health. (edit)

A very disappointed FFA Director
tow23er (FightingtheFlames)


in b4 everyone starts fighting


As former Secretary of State, I honestly didn’t even try to nominate an ambassador, or any ambassadors for this same reason. Our congress is compiled of people who shouldn’t be in said positions.

I’m sorry, but if you don’t have experience in and or around foreign affairs, you shouldn’t be able to vote to confirm an ambassador within our State.

I say, move the confirmation to a committee of select individuals fit to determine if people are worthy enough to represent our state in a diplomatic form, as it’s evident, these senators, aren’t worthy enough to represent the state themselves , after pulling this off…



Senate struck FDOA’s bill to restore our power to control restricted airspace too

lots of disappointment coming from the senate chamber recently
whats new

also emote didnt even know FDOA was active apparently but I guess he knows more about aviation and firestone’s aviation needs than i do


They also voted nay for the county restrictions bill and the county wage bill.


The issue at hand, in my belief, was not the denial, but rather what came after it. I was called unprepared, that I “didn’t even know what I was doing” and that I somehow wasn’t experienced. As someone who served in the G4 as New York’s representative and Chief Ambassador, the last Mayflower Secretary of State before dissolution of the Department of State, and now service here, it is silly.

I’ve been awaiting this process for months only to be denied within 30 seconds of standing up because I didn’t have a place of assignment. This was then made out to be my doing, that somehow it was my fault and therefore, as was seen, refusal to confirm.

If the first story was in regards to not having a place of service, then it should’ve remained the reason. The new reason is that “ambassadors shouldn’t exist.” Stick with it.


also health experts!! since you denied two tremendous nominees for secretary of health can you please tell me what this strange rash is on my back


anyone know when voting for new senators is?


I think next month


Lets hope soon…


That’s not why we failed the Ambassador nominations. Personally, I nay’d because it didn’t really seem like they knew what they were doing. They scrambled and I tried to table the nomination so that we could get better confirmation but they Nay’d my motion. I wasn’t going to pass a nomination without the facts. They said they tried to contact you, blast but got no response. So If I had to choose between passing or failing an uninformed nomination I would choose to fail it. I said in the legislative discord and in-game that if we can get some more information and they get re-nominated I will have no problem with them.

As for John. I was sent those allegations and wanted time to investigate (AKA table the nomination in the mean time) but Hecxtro doesn’t allow that. I dm’d a separate person from the DOH who confirmed the allegations. Obviously that’s not really solid proof but it raised doubt with me personally. So, I brought it up and tried to get an explanation. John tried to explain himself but I wasn’t really satisfied with it, so I chose to nay.

What I want people to know is that I have nothing against the DOH. I don’t think my fellow Senators do either but I’m not going to speak for them. This all is my opinion and my perspective. I have absolutely no problem with passing a nominee for DOH Secretary. In fact, that’s part of my duty as a Senator and for me to neglect that is just silly. I just can not in good confidence vote aye on a nominee that has so many unanswered questions. I’m really hoping we can get this sorted and squash this beef that has arisen between the Senate and the DOH. Arguing and passing blame like this doesn’t benefit anyone.


The behavior they treat me is just absolute garbage.




You didn’t give one of them a chance to speak…



That’s not a full reason.


That was not my choice.


Why would I aye someone who didn’t know what they were doing?


neither of us got a chance to speak, not just one


You infringed us for what we are supposed to do.


I am sorry I did know the time of the session and I ended up replying 10-15 minutes later. I cannot be blamed for no responding when I would have no idea on the time that a session is hosted with my nominees on the docket.