A Firestone Crisis - Lack of Motivation, Activity, and interest

I mean it’s pretty obvious and we all have realized this issue the past months probably but Firestone is reaching one if its all time lows. Its not the fact departments are toxic or criminals are just so OP, its the fact everything is regurgitated and extremely repetitive. There’s only so much you can do.

I applaud fed for attempting to make changes to boost interaction however these changes made only will make a temporary and swift spike in interest, unlike if you were to implement new crimes, gear, or a majority of the ideas suggested in the forums.

If firestone continues on this course of being constantly focused on the v3 that is months from completion we will have died by the time we reach there. I urge the devs to look back at older forum posts and to consider some of the suggestions (mainly for criminals) they wouldn’t implement originally.

When’s the last time you’ve had to pend to join the server without a special event ongoing?
How often do you see bank robberies anymore? (they still happen but 5 months ago even it’d be more common)

Give criminals higher incentives, we NEED crime.
Even though v2 has been used for so long it still has potential. But for now it’s just a game of those playing just to meet some quotas.


let’s be honest, v2 went downhill like 2 years ago


v3 keeps being delayed :sob:

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we need crime RP is what you mean. There’s plenty of crime already in the form of pursuits with mclarens and random shootings. I agree with what you say though, obviously v3 is the focus but if they want to maintain interest in the meantime v2 needs more significant updates besides just adding a new car every so often. Stuff like bikes etc are cool but after like a week, nobody seems to use them. Same thing happened with paintball but it took a little longer. More founder supported events in particular would be really great imo


gta 6 gonna be released before v3


We need a fed / developer ran mafia. Just like we have departments, we need a group dedicated to crime who have an exclusive base with discounts to gear as they are required to do trainings and be active within the said mafia.


Not a bad idea tbh

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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again

firestone is really for roleplay. as a whole on roblox, roleplay is dying. firestone is already cops and robbers, i doubt it would change from here.

also, we’re loosing players. in the past, people run out of motivation, gone, new players. the thing is, we don’t have new players. with the “iPad generation”, they find it much easier to just buy a 500 robux police pass on games then do POST. for those that actually wanna try to get into it, they’re normally just told to dm Cuxle which gets nowhere or accused of being an alt. we really don’t get new players anymore.

it’s also toxicity and egos. people are hella toxic and egotistical. people want to hold onto positions of power even if they’re inactive and do nothing, but just want it for their ego. this has became a common trend recently. (edit: this leads to lack of motivation because nobody gets promoted and they’re stuck at the same old rank)

all these things really occur all over roblox roleplay now, so we can’t really stop it.


Another issue with “roleplay” is the fact it is lacking game function. Many people would rather have the option to check a pulse rather than say * Checks Pulse *. Of course, it’s limited, I understand, but roleplay is dying.

Couldn’t have said this better, we built this community on 13-14 year olds starting in Rockport back in 2014ish, and we started to grow up and mature, from Rockport (basic noobs), to Norfolk (more serious), then to the most advanced, Firestone. But now… these 13-14 year olds are in college, 18, 19, or 20+ and have jobs of their own starting their lives, and the newer generation behind them “iPad” kids aren’t interested to work/train for the job. Less and less POST class graduates, each year.

Class 1, 6/29/16

Class 68, 6/11/22


Is that not already a role being filled by gangs? A dev run one wouldn’t be as good as a grass roots naturally grown gang. It would be like if the government formed a secret hit squad, it just wouldnt be the same


Like someone already said, RP is going downhill. Roblox as a whole is changing. Roblox now is just 5 to 10 yr olds playing and they are not interested in this kind of RP. Firestone is still fun. But there is just not that much stuff to do. In V3 once we get the state park the devs could add like achievements for hiking to a certain spot. And as Clonemep said we need gangs started by the devs for the FBI and DHS and police to work against add crimes that gangs can do that the FBI can investigate. But FS needs more info on how to do stuff like if someone wants to be a bar cert the bar exam is quite hard, and unless you’re in law school or taking pre-law in high school there is nothing you can do as the Prom law school is not really a thing. But Firestone could be better if the Devs add the suggestions from the players.


The Devs could make the group and get the stuff but get other people to lead. Like making special crimes and stuff but not being involved and getting a known crim to run it and having no involvement in it.

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There comes a time where all is done, there has been too many blockades that disallows Firestone to progress—whether it’d be development or roleplay wise—it is a damning depressing front that turns long-time users away.

Excitement is tragically low, the saying of “same shit, different day” applies to Firestone’s community and entire gameplay based arena everyday.

Small ineffective updates that does not last more than 30 hours, the inability to develop a game that has been in progress for far too long that came with many broken promises. The unfilled and not cared for guarantees, all meaningless words at the end of the day.

A dying innovative community with nowhere left for revival. V3 won’t fix the concerning critical holes that are left.

We’re all adults with jobs, relationships, and bills to pay. An after school time filler becomes a distant memory.

I suggest moving on, let the good times be good times and recreate new ones with more meaning.


As I must say, do not allow yourself to care more about friendships with people online rather than the ones you hold true in reality. Pick and choose who to keep and long for.


I enjoy the people who blame the next generation (“they have no motivation!” “too obsessed with their tablets”) for issues which aren’t directly their fault. I remember when my (the currently outgoing) generation was “too obsessed!” with our smartphones and games. Real “old man shouting at clouds” vibes.

It’s not gen alpha’s fault that Firestone is stagnating. It’s the natural flow of the internet. Things get popular, or more visible, and then slowly that interest begins to wane as the “oooh, shiny” factor wears off. In addition, markets change. Interests change. You have to keep up with the times and innovate to bring in new people. When you don’t, things stagnate. It’s just what happens.

In the end, @Zeyahne has the right view here. Our generation is moving on. It’s natural. We’ve left our mark for the next generation, and it’s their choice what to do with it. Now we’re on to new frontiers.


the fuck is generation alpha i swear all this naming generations shit is just made up


Well said,
Everyone is tired of v2 and v3 has been in development for way too long.

As much as we all want v3 to come out, I don’t see a full release being for a while longer but we can provoke spurs of activity with v2 updates and eventually v3’s new update.
On another note of v3, we are extremely close to release and I hope we aren’t too late - we’re finishing up the final things where is the Car Dealership and the ID System and then we should be good to move forward and work on things for next release.

I know some people are going to mention the development of Firetops and that it is “going to slow down v3 development” - it isn’t. Working on this provides two things:

  • Time for me to clear my head,
  • Another game which people can play rather than being confined to v2.

Honestly, I agree. Games like “Emergency Response: Liberty County” appeal to the new audience because of how different the idea of roleplay has become. You don’t need to work at all, compared to the month you do in it’s its extremely cacti there There are many different types of roleplaying communities within and its got a lot of things Firestone wants to implement.

As much as this would be great, I don’t see it happening. Most if not all of the developers are Law Enforcement and I don’t think anyone else aside from me is willing to go back/try out being a criminal since from what I’ve heard, it’s not fun at all anymore.

Unrealistic expectations are met and things happen in life, it’s nothing we can control but we try and dedicate our time to working on the release.

What do you suggest? I see you mentioning things but you have no idea what to do.

If you’re talking about the next release, no. If you’re talking about full release then I’d say a year minimum.


Everyone in here has said a lot of stuff I agree with, but I am yet to see one thing mentioned:

Real life.


my suggestion was allowing game moderators to issue roleplay points to people who contribute to roleplay, it still counts as “moderating the game” however alongside punishing those breaking rules we should also award those who make a conscious effort to follow such


yeah they are pretty much just made up, though recently there’s more of a theme: the millennials (our parents, mostly) are gen Y, we (the late 90s-2000s babies) are generation Z, and the kids born after roughly 2010ish are gen alpha