A Bill to Revise the Oath of Office

The Office of Alderman Cosmicanimals1234
A Bill to Revise the Oath of Office


Whereas, there are currently a bunch of legal issues and loopholes regarding the current Oath of Office bill that need to be fixed.
Be it enacted by the City of Redwood City Council that:

Section 1

"A Bill to Improve the Oath of Office" shall be defined through its Trello card.

Section 1A

The "Redwood Police Department" ("Police Department") shall be defined through the ROBLOX group.

Section 2

"A Bill to Improve the Oath of Office" shall be declared null and void.

Section 3

Persons who enter–through election, appointment, or another venue–a government office or title (“candidate(s)”) under the City of Redwood shall be required to take a religious or non-religious version of the oath of office, or “oath”. Such oath may be recited in a ROBLOX game, Discord text venue, or through a Trello card.

Section 3A

The religious oath of office shall be as follows:
  • “I, [the candidate’s full ROBLOX Username], do solemnly swear that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, according to law and to the best of my ability, and will preserve, protect & defend the Charter of the City of Redwood, so help me God.”

Section 3B

The non-religious oath of office shall be the same as the religious oath of office, only with the “, so help me God” portion of the oath being truncated.

Section 3C

Candidates who have not taken the oath of office shall not be considered to have assumed their office unless twenty-four (24) hours have passed since their election, appointment, or other venues of entering such office, in which the candidate shall be considered to have taken the oath of office.

Section 4

Regarding who a candidate would recite their oath to:
  1. the Mayor-elect (or Deputy Mayor in succession of the former Mayor) shall recite their oath to the County Executive;
  2. the Deputy Mayor-elect shall recite their oath to the Mayor;
  3. an Alderperson-elect shall recite their oath to the Council Chairperson, or the Mayor; and
  4. a candidate of the City’s Executive Branch shall recite their oath to the Mayor.

Section 4A

If, for any reason, a candidate is unable to recite their oath to their respective individual listed in Section 4, such candidate may recite their oath to a judge or justice of the State of Firestone.

Section 4B

The Council Chairperson, upon his or her confirmation, shall not be required to recite the oath of office assuming that they are legally an Alderperson.

Section 5

Law enforcement officers of the Police Department, except for the Chief of Police, shall be exempt from this bill.

Section 6

The Mayor may relieve any candidate of reciting the oath of office through written declaration if such candidate is not:
  1. the presumed Mayor;
  2. the presumed Deputy Mayor;
  3. a presumed Alderperson; or
  4. a presumed first-in-command of an office or department of the City.

Section 7

This legislation shall go into effect immediately upon passing the legal processes as described by the City Charter.

Respectfully submitted to the City of Redwood City Council,

Alderman Cosmicanimals1234
Deputy Chief of Staff NCISfan5
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