A Bill to Recognize Stop Signs

A Bill to Recognize Stop Signs


SECTION 1: Running a stop sign shall be defined as illegal and consider a misdemeanor.

A. Those that violate the regulation set in Section 1 shall be charged with “Running a Stop Sign”, being regarded as a misdemeanor.

	a. Violation One: Warning.

	a. Violation Two: 50 Dollars Citation; misdemeanor charge.

	a. Violation Three: 65 Dollars Citation; misdemeanor charge.

	a. Violation Four or more: 75 Dollars Citation; misdemeanor charge.

SECTION 2: Stop signs shall he recognized as a eight sided shape sign or otherwise known as a octagon that is colored red and says “STOP” with the “STOP” being colored white.

A. Running a stop sign shall be defined as a vehicle not coming to a complete stop going 0 Studs Per Second (SPS) at a stop sign. 

B. Firestone Department of Transportation and Firestone Department of Public Works may have a Stop sign and have all citizens follow their signs and must wait till given permission to go. 

	a. Firestone Department of Transportation shall be defined as: https://www.roblox.com/Groups/group.aspx?gid=2803367

	b. Firestone Department of Public Works shall be defined as: https://www.roblox.com/Groups/group.aspx?gid=2811838

SECTION 3: This legislation shall be enforced by the Firestone State Patrol, Sheriff’s Office,and Firestone Department of Homeland Security.

A. Firestone State Patrol: https://www.roblox.com/Groups/group.aspx?gid=2803364

B. Sheriff's Office: https://www.roblox.com/Groups/group.aspx?gid=2805388

C. Firestone Department of Homeland Security: https://www.roblox.com/Groups/group.aspx?gid=2803370

SECTION 4: Upon passing both chambers of the State of Firestone Congress, this piece of legislation shall go into effect immediately.

SECTION 5: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsors: Senator, Sir_Mr
Senator, Expillix

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