A Bill to Protect the Buses

A Bill to Protect the Buses


SECTION 1. This legislation shall protect DOT employees and state buses in their traversion and transport of passengers.

SECTION 2. ‘A Bill to Recognize Kidnapping’ shall be amended. Section 2D shall be added and shall state: “Any persons that enter a bus operated by the Department of Transportation forfeit their right to request an immediate stop of the bus. Upon request, the Department of Transportation shall be obliged to stop the bus at the next applicable bus stop as per the department’s regulations, failure to do so shall count as kidnapping.”

SECTION 2A. Section 2D.1 shall be added to ‘A Bill to Recognize Kidnapping’ and shall state: “If any passenger on board of a Department of Transportation bus suffers from an immediate emergency that may cause bodily harm to them or others if not responded to, the Department of Transportation employee shall make the most reasonable judgement as to whether the bus shall be stopped immediately, dependant on the safety factors involved. The court shall rule on any situations involving such, and may appropriately incarcerate or otherwise punish employees who fail to stop during an emergent situation with kidnapping.”

SECTION 3. Passengers on board of a Department of Transportation bus are required to follow any and all orders given by the Department of Transportation employees regarding their safety or the safety of others. Failure to follow orders given by employees that are lawful and in the best interest of safety shall be considered ‘Obstruction Against DOT’. Passengers are required to leave the bus when told to do so by the driver for any reasoning or be charged with Obstruction Against DOT.

SECTION 4. Any vehicle that is parked at or about (within 15 studs) a location designated for bus stoppings may be cited for ‘Illegally Parking at or about a Bus Stop’ for $350 and be cited for any additional parking infractions (such as Parking at an Unmarked Sidewalk). Any vehicle that fails to move his/her vehicle (when a bus is attempting to stop or depart thereabout) after being warned to do so by DOT employees or law enforcement may be charged with ‘Obstruction Against DOT’.

SECTION 5. Any traffic offences committed by a Department of Transportation employee during the operation of a bus (regardless of the presence of passengers) shall have their fine amount doubled. If an employee of the DOT commits a crime constituting an arrest when operating a bus, 50 seconds shall be added to their sentence.

SECTION 6. Department of Transportation employees that are operating a bus and come to a stop in the roadway for an emergency or a bus stop shall be exempt from ‘Obstruction of Traffic’, ‘Hindering’, ‘Traffic Obstruction’, and any other traffic infractions relating to that of obstructing the roadway.

SECTION 7. Law enforcement officers cannot cite a Department of Transportation employee operating a bus if the traffic infraction is due to the larger size of the vehicle and couldn’t have been (safely) conducted in any other way. It is up to the courts to interpret this.

SECTION 8. Any passenger on board a Department of Transportation bus or within close vicinity thereof (30 studs) that commits a crime of any kind while on board the bus shall be cited three times the regular value for such a citation and/or have 100 seconds added to any offence which constitutes an arrest. This counts for any crime conducted while aboard a bus. ‘Illegally Obtaining a Firearm’ shall not count unless the passenger somehow obtained an illegal firearm while inside a Department of Transportation bus.

SECTION 9. The Department of Transportation and its employees may temporarily/permanently bar any person from using their buses or taxi services for any reason they deem plausible. Entering when told not to due to such a bar shall count as ‘Obstruction Against DOT’.

SECTION 10. When a bus is stopped at any bus stopping station, any and all traffic within one lane are required to slow down to at least 30 studs per second and continue with due care.

SECTION 11. The Department of Transportation Bus Depot located in Prominence is public property and may be traversed by people freely. Persons may not block buses or any other employee in the bus depot and may not interfere or obstruct DOT employees, this may count as ‘Obstruction Against DOT’. Any and all vehicles apart from Department of Transportation vehicles and emergency response vehicles may not enter the bus depot or else can be cited for ‘Unauthorized Driving in a Bus Depot’ for $250 and may be arrested if they fail to leave or interfere for ‘Obstruction Against DOT’.

SECTION 12. Any and all ambiguities herein may be cleared by the courts upon proper interpretation.

SECTION 13. This legislation shall go into immediate effect upon passage.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s):
Senator MartynLafayette
HoPD thekerbal

Representative thekiller9056
Representative Tor_Laws
Councilmen Elite_Creations


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