A Bill to Prevent The Purge

to Prevent The Purge

To ensure law and order.


SECTION 1. The legislation “Firearm License Bill” shall be amended.

SECTION 1A. Section 4B Part B of the “Firearm License Bill” shall now state:
Upon submission, the Firestone Firearms Commission must review such application in a timely manner. The Firestone Firearm Commission may put a reviewed application on hold, temporarily. The Firestone Firearms Commission must see if the applicant meets the following:
a. That the applicant meets all of the requirements stated within Section 4A of
this legislation.
b. That all answers given by the applicant are of the absolute truth.
c. That all answers given by the applicant are acceptable to the questions given
d. That the applicant has passed any other requirements, special trainings, or certifications required by the Firestone Developers.

SECTION 2. The legislation “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act” shall be amended.

SECTION 2A. Section 8 of the “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act” shall now state:
The act of a civilian openly carrying a weapon or firearm shall be illegal unless authorized by the Government.
a. “Open carry” and “openly-carried” being regarded as openly holding a weapon or firearm, having it selected in your toolbar; not properly concealing a weapon or firearm when not in use, or when there is no threat.
Should a civilian be caught openly carrying a weapon or firearm, unauthorized, they shall be fined a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $400.

SECTION 3. All individuals possessing a Civilian Firearm License at the time of the passage of this legislation shall have their Civilian Firearm License revoked immediately.

SECTION 4. All Law Enforcement Agencies of Firestone are permitted to confiscate any sort of firearm or weapon from an individual with the reasonable grounds to do so, otherwise regarded as probable cause.
a. All such confiscations must be logged.
b. Confiscated weapons and firearms may be returned if the individual it has been
confiscated from has not been arrested by the officer at hand, and if the
individual has a Civilian Firearm License.
c. All weapons and firearms confiscated from an individual that does not possess a
Civilian Firearm License may not be returned.

SECTION 5. The Firestone Firearms Commission is permitted to revoke an application, and thus a Civilian Firearm License, that has passed within the three days (72 hours) after such application has passed with a plausible reason.

SECTION 6. This legislation shall go into effect immediately.

SECTION 7. All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the State of Firestone Congress,

Chief Sponsor:
Senator Rolerain

Co Sponsor(s):
Firestone Developer, BreadyToCrumble
POST Director, buford1842
SCSO Sheriff, Shysun

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