A Bill to Prevent the Impersonation of a Prisoner

A Bill to Prevent the Impersonation of a Prisoner


SECTION 1: Impersonation of a prisoner shall be deemed illegal.

SECTION 1B: Impersonation shall be defined as; pretending to be a person, through looks or
actions, that one is not.

SECTION 2: Impersonating a prisoner shall be deemed illegal.

SECTION 2B: Impersonating a prisoner shall be defined as wearing a prisoner uniform and/or a jumpsuit.

SECTION 2C: Upon first violation, the suspect shall be sentenced to a fine of no less than $100 and no greater than $200. The first violation shall be considered a misdemeanor

SECTION 2D: Upon second violation and further violations, the suspect shall be sentenced to a fine of no less than $150 and no greater than $300 and/or receive no less than 400 seconds and no greater than 600 seconds in prison. The second violation and further violations shall be considered a felony.

SECTION 2E: Should one be charged with “Impersonation of a Prisoner” upon the Firestone Courts, the maximum jail time shall be increased to 2 hours in the State Penitentiary.

SECTION 3: The following agencies shall be tasked with enforcing this bill; the
Firestone State Patrol (Firestone State Patrol - Roblox),
Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office (Stapleton County Sheriff's Office - Roblox),
The Department of Homeland Security (Firestone Department of Homeland Security - Roblox),
The Department of Corrections (Firestone Department of Corrections - Roblox),
The Firestone Department of Justice (Firestone Department of Justice - Roblox),
And the Firestone Courts (Firestone Courts - Roblox).

SECTION 4: Upon passage from the State of Firestone Congress and being signed by the Governor, this legislation shall go into effect immediately.

SECTION 5: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s):
Representative policetonyR

Citizen DefendingTheLine
Citizen CommissionerCMPTN
Senator a_sbestos
Senator DevMartavis
Senator Prin_Tag
Senator American_Honor
Senator devith13
Speaker of the House NicoloSkrt
Speaker Pro Tempore SpencerMencer
Representative Jordan_Chime
Representative EdwardMercer
Representative Flakezzz
DHS Secretary Chevyrocks
DHS Special Agent Enforcement_Law
DHS Secret Service Agent Champ101490
DHS Crisis Response Team Agent JitteryHatman
SCSO Sheriff Straphos
SCSO Undersheriff WarriorMasterKiller
SCSO Sergeant startrooper2345
SCSO Sergeant Lidels_Law
FSP Trooper ScottEngels
FSP Sergeant Lupey3
FSP Sergeant BlockeyGecko


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