A Bill to Make operating without a license Illegal

A Bill to Make Operating a Business without a license illegal


SECTION 1: An unlicensed business, that is found operating in the state without a commerce approved title shall be deemed illegal.

SECTION 1A: The Firestone Department of Commerce shall be recognized as: Firestone Department of Commerce - Roblox

SECTION 2: Unlicensed Operating shall be defined as a misdemeanor.

SECTION 2A: If the business is found operating and company name is recognized, the business will be reported to the department of commerce, and shall it be dissolved from the state with approval of the Commerce director. Clear examples of unlicensed business shall include: (pirated taxis, unlicensed transport of any kind, catering services, etc.)

SECTION 3: The Firestone State Patrol, The Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office, The Firestone Department of Homeland Security, The Firestone Department of Corrections, and the Firestone Department of Commerce shall enforce this law against: “Operating a Business without a License”.

SECTION 3A: The Law Enforcement Agencies above, will correspond to the following citation fines the business operator will be charged with despite the offenses.
I. 175$ ii. 250$ iii. 400$.

SECTION 4: This legislation shall go into immediate effect once passed by the House and Senate.

SECTION 5: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s): Senator, a_sbestos

Co-Sponsor(s): Senator, DevMartavis.
Senator, Devith13.
Senator, G_abee
Representative, MrEmote.
Representative, policetonyR
FDOT Acting Secretary, Elite_Creations.

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