A Bill to Formalize a Firestone Census

A Bill to Formalize a Firestone Census


§ Section I-A: This bill shall formalize and construct a “Short-Form Firestone Census” which shall collect basic data from citizens residing in the State of Firestone.

§ Section I-B: The Firestone Short-Form Census shall be referred to as the “Firestone Census” or “the Census”.

§ Section I-C: It shall be per citizen’s own discretion to respond, complete and or fill out the Firestone Census when publicized.

§ Section I-D: It is the Governor’s obligation to conduct the Firestone Census once per their four (4) month gubernatorial term, and the census shall be overseen by them, and or the Lieutenant Governor if they wish.

§ Section II-A: Criteria in the census shall include, but shall not be limited to: estimated length of citizenship in Firestone, nationality, gender (male or female), means of Firestone occupation/employment, and Income in the State of Firestone per x amount of minutes

§ Section II-A-a: No criteria in the census shall be mandatory to answer.

§ Section II-B: ROBLOX Usernames shall not be a prerequisite for responding to the Firestone Census. The overseer(s) be able to disclose the username(s) of the ROBLOX user(s) submitted in the census.

§ Section III: This legislation shall be overseen by the Governor of the State of Firestone.

§ Section IV: This legislation shall go into effect immediately after completing the Constitutional procedure required.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of Firestone

Chief Sponsor(s):

Right Honourable Senator Ash1835

Senator Stamose


Representative JohnDRyans

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