A Bill to Amend Firearm Approval

to Amend Firearm Approval


SECTION 1. The “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act” shall be amended.

SECTION 1A. Section 2 of the “Firearms and Weaponry Management Act” shall now state:
The Firestone Firearms Commission shall be established with the responsibility of the distribution of Civilian Firearm Licenses, and review of Law Enforcement Firearm Licenses.
a. The members of the Firestone Firearms Commission shall be:
i. The Governor of Firestone;
ii. The Lieutenant Governor of Firestone;
iii. The Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) Director;
iv. The Attorney General;
v. Optionally, and only if approved by the Governor, no more than two Department
of Justice Officials designated by the Attorney General;
vi. Optionally, a Member of Congress designated by a Firestone Developer, and;
vii. Optionally, and only if approved by the Governor, a County Official
designated by the County Executive.

SECTION 2. The “Firearm License Bill” shall be amended.

SECTION 2A. Section 4B Part C of the “Firearm License Bill” shall now state:
Should the applicant meet all standards within Section 4B Part B, then the applicant is to be approved by the Firestone Firearms Commission and shall receive a Civilian Firearm License; although a Firestone Developer, the Governor, or Lt. Governor may fail any submitted application for a reason not mentioned within this legislation with a plausible reason.

SECTION 3. This legislation shall go into effect immediately.

SECTION 4. All laws in conflict with this legislation shall be declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the State of Firestone Congress,

Chief Sponsor:
Lt. Governor Rolerain

Co Sponsor:
Senator & Firestone Developer, BreadyToCrumble

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