Yet another topic about roleplay & cops n robbers

okay hi,

i don’t normally do this but, fs is already in such a decline that i will once again bring this back up.
since 2019, rp has gone downhill to the point where it is barely viable anymore. with this in mind, i have seen people complain about how leos and crims both do not rp. however, when people attempt to create rp, i have seen the response of people either: failing to roleplay, complaining about it, and more. so, with this in mind, i am quite lost in trying to figure out what leos and crims want anymore. it is quite hopeless to attempt to rp if it’s just going to get shot up, complained about, and more. for those who do not wish for rp, stop complaining about how the game is cops and robbers as there are ppl who still attempt to rp.

okay, this is my little rant or whatever you wanna call it.
just quite confused on what people want anymore :woman_shrugging:



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thanks ure SO helpful

amen forums user “karisqz”

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The best way to roleplay is through robberies, thats how a lot of us roleplay whether you like it or not, yall can cry if yall have a problem with it lmao

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no, half of you guys “roleplay” by ambushing a negotiation scene that is going very well simply to piss people off

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that is false . . . here are some clips from my rp . . .

i agree !!!

shut up, i can drive i have no idea what ure talking about. i only failed evoc 5 times.

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we got the whole criminal code yet people get arrested for like 10 of the crimes on there

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this is why i dont like doing rps anymore

being a cop, trying to negotiate for hostages or for a robber to give themselves up willingly just for some bottom of the barrel criminal in a mclaren who babyrages every time they get caught to come shoot me from 3 miles away and boast about it really crushes my morale and willingness to even do actual situations anymore.

firestone isnt like it once was, fake hostages used to be a genuine surprise and now every single hostage is fake to the point where i can recognize and tell you with 98.62% accuracy when a criminal has their friend at “gunpoint” and they are going to rush out as we’re trying to negotiate and kill us all, and again boast about it

the mclarens, demons, f40’s and the skull island update have stacked it so far against LEO’s its not fun anymore. (i know the response is gonna be "bUt YOu GeET FreE GunS!!!11!!11!, lets be real, any crim now has hundreds of thousands of dollars and seeing skull island prices, it’s nothing) all i do is see a mclaren, get shot at and killed by it and its immediately gone with absolutely no hope of ever catching it. maybe this is just municipal cope because we dont get an 11th gear vehicle like scso and fsp do, i dont care what you call it, its not fun


tbh it goes both ways, cops need to learn how to RP just as much as civs/crims do. There are plenty of instances where there are multiple hostages (some are real hostages), and FNG/SWAT won’t partake in negotiating, they just throw a flashbang and rush in to kill the taker(s), which completely ruins the fun for criminals as well.

Cops need to learn how to RP, civs need to learn how to RP, however with the way firestone is looking, it’s going to stay the same until the game dies completely

also cops have a ton of advantages


yea i feel u back in 2019 rp was amazing, now its as crappy as can get

Has anyone thought that maybe the whole “roleplaying” thing is BORING AFTER DOING IT FOR SO LONG???


I’d say that there is still RP for LEOs and Crim depending on who the crime is. It’s better than a lot of other Roblox games rn.


More fun when cops wait for the robber to bumrush to his car during bank robbery, then light him up when he gets in

thats why 95% of criminals use fake hostages and have them run out and kill cops or just call their friend to come ambush from behind
& it works like a charm

Tbf, the real golden age of the RP ro-states is kinda dead. Imo, we should focus to a more game mechanics based system. But that would require either an entire revamp of v2 or v3 to actually be the dominant game in the near future. Neither of which I see happening.


It’s also no fun to be a legal civilian, I have a CFL, but I can barely afford weapons and ammo, the cars are so expensive that it’s unrealistic for any legal civ to own a nice car.