xXSilentMonk3yxX For Redwood City Council [June 2021]

Hello, Firestone Citizens! My name Is xXSilentMonk3yxX, but you can call me Jay for short. I have been In Firestone for quite awhile now, so let me get started off with my speech.

[1] Introduction | Background

It wasn’t long ago when I joined Firestone back In 2018. I remember when I joined I had no Idea what I was doing when I was playing, since I didn’t know how to do anything. In the game I just became a criminal and had a record within Firestone. After playing for a while as a criminal It got boring. So what I did was I left Firestone completely because I was frustrated and didn’t understand how Firestone Systems worked. I kept trying to figure out how to play the game, but I eventually stopped trying.

I then joined again around early 2020, and I figured out how to expunge my records from 2018, so I did expunge them! This Is when my Firestone Journey all began, my first ever job was Pigeon Kebabs at the small food stand In Redwood. I then resigned from Pigeon Kebabs and expanded my career which I will mention here below:

My Journey Starts here!
Pigeon Kebabs [Former Employee]
Firestone Department Public Works [Present]

Firestone Department Of Transportation [Trainee & Present]

Firestone Police Exploring [Current]

Firestone Peace Officers & Standard Training [Present, Class 59]

Firestone Department Of Boating & Waterways [Former Employee]

My Plans & Ideas

I understand how Redwood Is really hectic with criminal activity and the most popular place for citizens. I think we can fix this by listening to other citizens, and their opinions on what they have to say, that Is one thing I will for make sure citizens of Firestone voices are heard.

We can work very closely with public employees such as the Department Of Public Works to host cool events for Redwood. We can do Redwood Trash Pickup and have people do some more volunteering work for Redwood! Furthermore, we can work with the local law enforcement to strategize better safety Ideas.

I was also thinking we can work with the Firestone Speedway, and we can do a “Legal Race” I don’t think Redwood or any type of City had a legal race for a while. This Is a really cool Idea and this would definitely bring some excitement In Redwood.

Overall, I think having more community service and more events In Redwood would make the community a better experience for others and the Citizens of Redwood would have something to do Instead of driving around and doing nothing In Redwood.

At this time this will conclude my speech. I currently don’t have anything else In mind but If I do I will update you!

Thank you,
Redwood Council Candidate

Discord: :dizzy: Jay :dizzy:#0949






Specific bills you plan to propose?