xUncleton for Arborfield City Council

Hello there, residents of Arborfield.

I, xUncleton, am hereby announcing my candidacy for Arborfield City Council.

I’m xUncleton, a fresh face to Firestone and Stapleton County. I’ve recently run for County Councilmen, though I failed… :frowning: but it’s been a learning experience.

I’m running to represent the ‘regular’ citizen; one who doesn’t have popular recognition to help them succeed at the ballot box. I’m looking to, as a new member of the community, bring about meaningful change, WHERE and WHEN it’s needed most. That time is now.

As a member of the Arborfield City Council (ACC), I plan to do the following:

1). First and foremost, listen to the constituents… as an elected official that shouldn’t have to be stated;
2). Maintain a stable relationship between Arborfield and Stapleton County Government (SCG);
3). Fight for the increase of small businesses in Arborfield (also civilian presence);
4). Review the Arborfield Charter and Trello to implement integral adjustments.

As Arborfield’s jurisdiction is limited, there is so much an elected official can accomplish. To elaborate further on these points, it’s integral that the ACC and the SCG maintain a stable relationship. We need to restore power at the municipal and county level.

In addition, it’s imperative the Alderman of Arborfield challenge the current situation we’re experiencing in Arborfield… emptiness. I plan on cooperating with colleagues to increase small businesses establishing themselves in Arborfield. We must find a means to increase activity: city-sponsored events, business incentives, or provide opportunities for our criminal population to help boost civilian presence in Arborfield.

Furthermore, the Arborfield Charter and Trello need to be THOROUGHLY reviewed. Whilst I’m not as concerned with the City Charter, the Trello is a mess. I’m looking to clean things up and establish an operational Trello which shall ease the legislative process, not harden it.

I feel as an Alderman for Arborfield City Council, I shall be able to provide them with an inspired, motivated, capable individual. As a citizen of the State of Firestone, I want YOU, the constituents, to support the potential I have rather than supporting ‘name brand’ politicians. Stapleton County needs fresh blood in politics.

I’m here, and I’m going to fight for the revival of municipal governments, we cannot sit idle any longer and expect change. The time is NOW.

Vote for the change you dream to see,
“Never give up”



Thank you for the support!

Thank you for the support, much appreciated!

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Election over.