Why V3 shouldn't be released

It seems like the big factor for people staying right now is the fact that V3 is coming out one day. People want to stay in their positions so they get to experience V3 right when it becomes available.

My fear is that V3 will just be popular for a month then start losing steam. People will leave the community in greater numbers as we lose the “hope” factor of joining something greater in the future.

What do you think? What would you want to see in V3 in order to ensure people want to stay?

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don’t worry the devs clearly agree


wondering why we still talk about v3 like its ever going to happen


to add on, everyone that is considered ”great” or a “legend” are leaving and without much of those people, its tossed up to imbeciles to take their place which results in lackluster experiences. and the game doesn’t become very enjoyable anymore as well.

firestone peaked, now sucks. it does suck, truthfully in every aspect at best its about a D+.


Firestone is already dying now without V3 being released (partly also because people have been promised that V3 is right around the corner for a way too long time) so you might as well release it


i want me everywhere

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