Who do you want as the new head dev

Post your thoughts below, lazy to list every single one.

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Tor_Laws, I’ve heard he attended Roblox Developer Conference and he also make vehicles :eyes:

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that’s gonna be a nah fam ^ | fed for next head dev

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lol no

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ash1835, he’s a pretty cool guy a decent developer

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furryfish is the new head dev


It’s up to Fed, the poll doesn’t really matter.

It’s evident who is going to get it, though.

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GetEnveloped :weary:

Jk he is de co-founder, but still, I want env to come back and dev for us

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SeanCityNavy4HeadDev, I heard that he went to the Twitch Developers Conference and knows how to fuck with Admin.

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  • love him he’s good
  • he’s ok
  • no opinion
  • he’s bad
  • he’s shit mate the hell u talkin about

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Is there a I don’t give a fuck anymore option?

hes bad because i miss ferg

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