When we die/get out of jail, we spawn at the hospital/outside of DOC instead of CD

If we were to die (citizens only), they should respawn at the hospital because it’s more realistic. If you get arrested and you’re released, you should spawn out of DOC. The reason for those 2 suggestions would be that DOT taxis, buses, and trains would be more useful in V3!


if citizens die and respawn at hospitals then why not cops too?


i mean it would be realistic but for example if a cop dies in a shootout (i dont think theres a NLR rule where if we die, we cant go back to the scene) it would take longer to get back to the scene

bruh reminds me of gta too much spawning out a hospital smh


If respawning at hospital is set, please can we make it so resets don’t put you back at the hospital. Resets can be used to quickly get back to car dealers (e.g. if you’re just lost in the middle of nowhere).


No Inmates who get released should not spawn outside of DoC. All they’re going to do is be a nuisance and besides they have no way to get out of there so eventually you’ll just have half of the server there just annoying DoC, which would then result in people trespassing and getting shot and SERT being deployed to get rid of all the civs loitering.


Pillbox Hill Medical Center.

Just kidding. Like the idea. But er, unlike GTA, it’s quite hard to commit grand theft in Stapleton County - especially in Arborfield, a deserted place none of the time. There’s no CD in Arbo either. Also, you’d be placing anyone who resets or dies for the slightest reason within dangerous proximity of criminal tools such as a weapons dealer, atm card vendor, etc. You’d make Arborfield the new Redwood, but I presume that it’d be far worse.


If this were to happen, which I’d love it to, there should be a car spawner outside of it though.

I ain’t hauling ass all the way back to redwood just cause someone killed me.

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We should maybe have like 2-3 hospitals like have the biggest one in Arbor and maybe smaller ones in other places

LMFAO call a taxi

literally there will be no taxis to take anyone back and it will be annoying

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gta 5 and then remove 50 dollars too xD

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use the trains or the bus or just wAlk or use a transportation business

THEIRS NEVER any dot running a taxi and trains in v3 are still in very early development let alone train drivers who are certified this is half and half but i’d like to see this.

no one wants to do that idk what your saying

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They added a fall damage so the fire department can come and heal the people with broken legs and arm, but 99% of the time now people just reset and don’t even bother calling SCFD. I’m sure people will also do the same for this.

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Useless addition. Will just cause more inconvenience than anything else.


Taxi isn’t always on, there has to be a CD for people to get from DOC or Hospital to where they want. This idea is unfortunately impossible without more Car Dealerships all over the place.