What is The Most Hilarious Thing You've Seen or Done in Firestone?

As the title says. Share a nice few funny stories because everyone needs a laugh, I’ll start. The funnies thing I’ve seen was awhile ago, I’d say two or so months. If you didn’t know, the ambulances lag like hell. So I’m just sitting down near Rogreens talking to a friend when an ambo running code three comes down the road adjacent to Rogreens. But, a bacon hair (no idea how he got the money to afford v2, probably a troll) ran out into the middle of the road. The ambulance hit him head on, as I’m assuming he couldn’t stop in time. Then dude go flying, like 10,000 feet in the air towards FSP. I drove over there to see what happened, and he had ended up head first in the road glitching out lmao.

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