What are your opinions on each of the candidates?

I don’t like any of them, which means that I’m not voting or officially supporting any campaign within the election this term.

But, this post isn’t about me, it’s about the public’s opinion.

Opinion Guidelines

While adding an opinion or response;

You should remain respectful and non-slanderous. I’m trying to keep this forum OPEN, not locked.

Freedom of Speech can only go so far. There’s a clear line. Cross it, and moderators will obviously talk to you about that.

So, what are your opinions on the following campaigns? I have stated my personal opinions on all below.

NotoriousAmerican & Virginian_State

In my personal opinion, this campaign is the most experienced in the political standpoint, as they have held offices of multiple branches for multiple tenures. However, due to the backlash over Notorious’s past, I wouldn’t trust this campaign as much. Virginian_State, with his Speaker of the House experience, will do great presiding over the senatorial chambers of the state, as he has faced this job similarly before.
I do find this campaign quite sketchy, but it’s just my


Baron & Bayaning

My thought on the Baron & Bayaning campaign is neutral. I haven’t looked into this campaign as significantly as I hoped. Their speech structure isn’t as established as a regular and organized speech, which is quite odd in my opinion. Their agenda is currently incomplete, as their speech has mentioned nothing regarding some departments. cough corrections cough.

Overall, this campaign is a good choice, if you don’t like the other two campaigns.

IdentityLaw & Bjohn323.

Personally, IdentityLaw is a great individual at most times, while Bjohn is a very calm Senator and a very capable one. However, I don’t trust this campaign as much as others due to the simplistic lack of proof in Identity’s ability to serve the state. His mishap in POST made the reputation of the department crash harder than the 1920s US Stock Market. But, mistakes are mistakes, and people can learn.

If you have a problem with any of my opinions here, talk to me personally via forum messages and I can get that removed if you’d like.

Remember, disrespect will not give a good effect. State your opinions below.

…haha… kill me.

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This is quite funny, I’m more than a trustable person as I’m still holding public office to this day. Not many people really cared about what I did and just moved on with it.

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But that doesn’t hide the fact that you did it. And that can reflect decisions you make in Office. If everyone thought the way you did, what happened with POST and I wouldn’t matter. Nor would Barons expulsion.

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I don’t recall this to be a bashing forum? Please go assail me somewhere else.

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i put down opinion guidelines for a reason

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What did he do?

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in all honesty, i’d probably end up voting for notorious, he’s the most “trustworthy” per se(no offense identity or baron). he’s held positions that have helped him in his campaign as stated numerous times. Identity would be a good candidate as well but notor has more legislative and judicial experience than him. baron, well i don’t have much to say, given i don’t pay much attention to him.(again no offense)

don’t hurt me im only a roblox boy


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Amer and Virg have been around and in politics and state affairs since before I even got here. For reference, I got here in Late May 2017. They’re also great people and have been consistently helpful for as long as I’ve been here. Amer’s past muck-ups – considering that they were done ages ago and have not been repeated since – honestly shouldn’t play a part in these elections. In fact, this team’s been tossed the short stick of these elections time and time again by false rumours and petty intrigue, bu they still go strong. That’s what a good governorship should be like. They definitely deserve to win this election in my eyes.

Iden’s been mucking up in POST for a while now and I definitely don’t see him improving thus far. Pointing this out as an instructor, I’ve noticed that he’ll probably just pull the "if i’m so bad why am i a deputy director and you’re only an instructor" argument, but let the discontent visible by the POST staff thus far prove my point. He was personally behind one of the mass-demotions and has mucked up our staff’s organization on more than one occasion. That includes Junior Instructors not being added into the Trello for weeks, my activity being falsely declared faulty whereas I am on a modified activity policy, and a general lack of communication and help towards staff. I’ve only been shown a lack of care and responsibility these past few months and I am disgruntled. I personally don’t believe he’ll be a great candidate, but that is, of course, my opinion. He’ll probably hate me for this but whatever, BoR. I.

I don’t have to say much for Baron. I’ve said my piece in their campaign post.

Again, may the best candidate win.



If you ask me, it’s quite sad in a way.

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Its quite funny firstly Senator @NotoriousAmerican is bashing people based on their opinion secondly @SourcedInfinity When authoring the speech early April, I never got around to do corrections so thank you for informing me!

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@Baron_Natertot8425 Stop bashing me on this forum.

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in my opinion i could care less whos governor.

my only opinion is that notorious and Virginian are best fit due to their experience and well knowing the ins and outs of our roblox government

rest of candidates are inexperienced

anyway i could care less as long as they do their job.

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pls dont try so hard this is roblox

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I like Identity and Notorious. Baron seems chill too, I don’t have enough information to base an opinion on him. Right now, my vote lies with Identity and Bjohn though. His POST situation was just because of the lack of communication

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baron has bad grammar

cant have someone with bad grammar to represent our state

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grammar overall, or grammar when not in game

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