Warrant on P_aws - Valid or not?

“A WaRrAnT JuSt FoR…”

“A warrent for just one charge of murder is dumb”
Doesnt make sense does it?


The beauty of the courts is that they have more checks a balances inside themselves than the other two branches have put together. P_aws is free to appeal his warrant at any time.

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I can not/will not comment on this matter at this time.

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I concur with Chris’s statement.

no, one charge of EVASION IS DUMB

so getting arrested for evasion is dumb? Thats like saying “Nah we’ll let this guy go, he only ran from us one time” NO! The LEOs are going to hunt him like a tiger. Justice is Justice, no matter the charge. Also, like danny said, he can appeal his warrent.

man walks away from you


Evasion without context makes no sense and thats the reason why its a secondary charge. You can’t evade from doing nothing, thats retarded and i would kindly like the drugs marshal is on.

I love the people who call them secondary and primary charges like a bunch of plebeians. Evasion is a coupled charge, yes. You have to commit a criminal offence and evade in a vehicle for it to be applicable. However, no where in state law does it state that you have to list the original offence. It also doesn’t say what level of offences count. You can be charged with evasion, a felony, for leaving the scene of a jaywalking via car. So y’all bitching about “muh evasion is a secondary charge” need to take the bar exam before you attempt to practice law.

I swear Danny is top 10 shit posters, ANYWAY. Sorry for questioning your divine ego and unhealthy obsession with firestone law. But it makes zero sense to warrant someone based on an evasion charge solely, as you said evasion is “ a coupled charge”.

And you also make the statement that the original offence does not have to be shown. Which is true, but if you’re warranting someone why wouldn’t you put the original charge on it? It makes no sense and makes your warrant look idiotic as you’re requiring the continual arrest of someone for “evading from a non existent crime” thats what we are all complaining about.

side note
How does paws appeal a warrant when he doesn’t know what he did in the first place lol


he should be shot for distrubiuting wepaons

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You should get off the forums. @iMeepler

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Because you don’t need to know what a warrant is to appeal a warrant it’s that easy.

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