[V2/V3] Formal Uniforms

Formal uniforms should be added for FDHS, SCSO, FSP, and FDOC.

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waste of resources, the only department deserving of formals, of those, is DHS and their Class A already looks good.

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our formal uniform is class a w some sort of hat, depending on ur dept

thats unfair 100%. you cant just say, “the only department that deserves formals is DHS” like bruh

well scso doesnt

all departments deserve it, for formal events. its common sense. having a FORMAL uniform is not something “special.”

They all have formal uniforms?

FSP & SCSO have their Class A’s which are formals, FNG has their Class A’s and Class B’s, SCFD has formals I believe, i remember seeing the chief have some sort of Formal on during a governors ball back in 2019, DHS has their Class A’s which is a formal, Idk about DPW or DOT.

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SCFD have class As and formals

dpw and dot dont have formals we just got our plain ol uniforms

literally all departments already have their class a’s what more do you want…

Really only DPW, DOT and DBW need Formals. That’s it

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It’ll be nice to have a formal uniform for fsp, the black jacket and black pants. Sort of like the polo pants and fsp jacket except the jacket doesn’t have “TROOPER” on the back and it would also have the ranks like the chevrons for corporal and sergeant and the bars on the collars for lt to colonel. We have the formal pants similar to the polo pants but there wouldn’t be the blue meant for the polo shirt on the top of the pants if you look closely.

why do bin men and towmen need formals…

Because when DOT & DPW appear in the meeting center in their work clothes they stink up the meeting center because their not clean so they need clean clothes

I’m pretty sure most departments like FSP/SCSO/FDHS/FNG/SCFD have formal uniforms already, it would be a lot to make new ones.