[V2] Towed vehicles do not get impounded if owner rejoins


If the owner of a vehicle leaves the server, their vehicle does not get impounded, even if it’s in the process of being transported
We waste a lot of time setting up at a location and transporting vehicles, when people easily avoid impounding with this loophole


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the proposed idea would be to make it so that vehicles in the process of impounding beloging to users who leave the server would automatically be impounded, or to make the vehicles not despawn until fully impounded at impound lots


great suggestion, its super annoying when you drive across the map to tow a car just for the car to despawn while you are on the way to a impound lot


You shouldn’t be able to impound my vehicle in the first place

why do you think so @T_xom

overall, i do agree with the proposal because i can understand the frustration of having to drive across the map and putting in effort into setting up a tow scene just to have the car despawn, however, i feel like the point of the impound update was to prevent vehicles from cluttering the road by forcing owners of said vehicles to park their vehicles properly or risk paying a fee, if you do leave the server, your car despawns and is no longer blocking the road, i think that the proposal should be modified to allow cars to be towed but not impounded if the owner leaves

It’s my car, not yours

I agree fully with this.

If players can’t park there cars properly and/or abandoned them, then we as DOT should be able to put a “impound hold” or use some kind of on the GUI on the tower vehicle till we are able to drive the vehicle to the designated areas and get our job done correctly instead of it being unrealistic and despawning.

Multiple people do this on purpose because they do not want to spend $500-$1500 on an impound fee.

We as DOT need to make money ourselves and it’s eventually money and time out of our own pockets to do these duty’s as DOT.

(Money out of our own pockets such as wasting our time, doing these long hours just to go off duty and make less then what we should be making)
Aka we can make a good amount on impounded vehicles, if they didn’t despawn.

I do sort of agree with this, however, paying 1500 FSD on an impound fee is a lot of cash, a lot of us crims don’t even intend to block the roads. We simply just end up in bad spots during pursuits. Additionally, I’m pretty sure that DOT still get payed for being on team and doing their job. You are still making cash driving across the map. Plus, getting 200 FSD while forcing someone to pay 1500 isn’t super fair. I don’t work in DOT, so I’m not sure how much you guys make. However, I make 10 FSD every 2 minutes, and I still get to 200 pretty easily by playing the game. 200 FSD not a huge sum of money from my perspective and considering that you make more than me in the game, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make that amount. You are still making cash. I feel like the overall reason for adding the impounding system was to prevent cars from cluttering and blocking the streets. If people leave and their cars despawn, the roads are cleared. At that point, there is no reason to impound them anymore. I do get the frustration, so I think that DOT should be able to tow cars, but not impound or impound them with the fee being super low.