(V2) SCSO Marine Unit

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I’m not sure if this will even be considered but I feel like SCSO should get a marine boat for pursuits with suspect’s when CG and DOC MD is not online there is constant times specially in the morning hours where suspect’s will purposely spawn boats and be just out of reach from being captured on water because they know its early and no DOC & CG will hop on to assist.

To not make DOC MD & Or CG become useless make it so only a certain rank can use them such as SGT + or make it a dedicated divison you gotta join in SO so it’s not constantly being used and normal patrol units would still have to page for DOC & CG.

It could be a modified fishing boat with a flashing red and or blue light with reduced speed to make it more fair and more proper to call certified units such as CG & MD.

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Hi Start,

I do not see the need to give the Sheriff’s office a maritime unit. You must remember that the Firestone Park Service will have a dedicated maritime unit to expand its operational scope in the future.



no, literally a bad idea. parks will exist which already overlaps maritime law enforcement with CG & MD. we don’t need more useless departments and divisions

Hey Legha,

This idea was a temp fix for v2 issues with crims misusing boats to escape from leo when they are well aware that no one is going to hop on as MD & Or CG at 7:30am ET. Obvious once the eventually v3 release SCSO would no longer require the MU

just hire more MD or CG… this is the SWAT problem all over again

Not my jurisdiction to hire them, ik DOC open’s up apps for CO’s every two months.

Hi Strat,

Please page the FNG; 2CGB and/or the FDOC; MD if you are in need of support.



Just wait until they leave the water

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What Finley said or just put a BOLO out. that’s what most cops do lol if i hop on my airboat they just camp at gd docks until i respawn or return to the docks

Denied by development team, won’t be happening in the near future.