[V2] SCFD + DOH bugs

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Before posting about bugs I would just like to say I am aware and appreciate the developers who look into fixing v2 bugs and stuff for SCFD but get told no by fed. Hoping founders see this eventually and maybe fix our broken stuff.

The Problem:
The majority of SCFD vehicles still have no working sirens besides wail and Q2B after several months.
I believe this applies to BLS-1 as well.
Tower 23 handles like crap, you drive down a straight road and it’s wobbling all over the place.
Tower 23 clickbox for the handles is too small, it’s genuinely like a 5 minute task trying to get your mouse to exactly the right spot so you can get in.
SCFD hoses still break on a regular basis, they will not spray water/foam and they do not go away once deselected.
Sometimes when you join SCFD team, one of the rig spawner buttons will be black and you can’t respawn that rig for the duration of the server.
Sometimes fires won’t go out using hoses or extinguishers (or they can just be exceptionally difficult like one @CardC0rrupt3d had yesterday)
Sometimes when getting into the drivers seat of a rig, you have to get out then in again or the vehicle won’t move at all. Not sure if this is SCFD-specific.
The tones and lights at SCFD are still broken after I posted about that in April. As a consequence of this, /page does not alert SCFD.
If someone not on SCFD team touches the helmet giver, it stops working for SCFD team.

Expected Result:
Expected result is we should have all working sirens and our stuff shouldn’t break all the time.

Reproduction Steps:
Self explanatory

Don’t have any right now so would appreciate if others could post any they have.


I forgot to mention that as soon as you put on a helmet, you either have a red light or a very bright white light constantly stuck on which won’t go away. This has been like this since the lighting update.