[v2] Saving Loadout


It would be nice if loadouts saved for all departments so when an LEO gets killed they don’t have to waste time reorganizing their loadout.


it’s a Roblox problem, unless env makes his own Inventory system which imo doesn’t need to be added into v2.


Already exists in V3

Are you blind? I said v2.

Adding onto this, would be nice if our settings saved, cuz I don’t wanna forget to disable punching and get arrested for accidentally punching someone.

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So why do you want more V2 features that exist in V3 when development focus has supposedly moved to V3 now with the recent update….


unneeded due ti the amount of work it would need… just wait for v3 since thats what everyone keeps complaining about


Foxy, I think you’re missing the point of “Suggestions”.

could be done but its a literal waste of time to add
just man up and organise your inventory while you’re e/r or learn the default keybinds

stop being mad people don’t like your suggestion @Operation_Blackbird


Can you please not make fun of peoples’ struggles in life thanks.

And you’re missing the fact that V3 > V2. V2 isn’t a priority anymore.

People have been doing it for god knows how many years on Roblox where they have had to change their hotbar around and people are used to it. I literally do it in my car when I’m getting myself ready for shift since you can drive and reorganise at the same time. People aren’t gonna annoyed by a few more months of waiting on V3 to become the main game.